ThatIsBeyond…Marks & Spencer launches new David Gandy for Autograph loungewear

Soon will be the day that I have been waiting for. It is the long awaited release of the newest  David Gandy loungewear!

(Release Date TBC)

From what I have seen already, it is going to be everything that I hoped it would be. David Gandy knows good quality, masculine style and class, so it goes without saying that the collection awaiting us will be an extension of those themes.
With 9 new pieces being added to the existing range, there is a lot of stylish loungewear to choose from.
So what can you expect from the summer installment of this collection?
Well, the colour pallette has been refined but still plays on the same theme of muted colour. With Black, Grey, Light Blue and Navy being the focus of this release, there is still cohesion with the petrol hue of the original collection, and the innate sense of style that they created.
For me the new items are an innovation in shape, the cuffed joggers are cut lower at the waist, which extends the body line, and the detailing of the button front is as stylish as ever.
David’s collections always sell a lifestyle. For me the newest instalment, presents the concept that you don’t need to be in crusty old clothes to be comfortable in your own home. It is a man with style who will wear this collection, because with great menswear design, the man who will wear the clothes has been the central point for the design process.  I guarantee that whatever shape or size you are, this collection will make you feel like you were considered within the design process.
Take these summer pyjamas, the shorts are light-weight and fitted well, with the detailing of the contrasting waist-tie breaking up the blue. The matching sleepwear t-shirt has the wide placed pocket as a focal detail, and the fit on Mr Gandy himself couldn’t be better.
If my experience, of his previous range is anything to go by, this will be as flattering on my less modelly physique, as the super toned! Well close enough anyway!
This Henley-Top is super summery and the masculinity is inherent. The focal points of the design itself really make the most of flattering areas for ALL GUYS. It shows off the forearms, the collarbone and a long neck. The cuff slims down the arm, the short button front is a casual play on the structure of a more formal shirt and the grandad collar allows a lengthening line to stretch from the chest through the neckline. This is an exquisite item.
Overall there is a feel of texture running through the line, and I welcome that in a summer collection.
Adding depth to these essential items, the quality of the fabric as well as the men that will wear the collection, are at the forefront of the line.
I love the cuffed joggers, for me these are an everyday necessity, but a classy item also. The Henley top also has a home in my wardrobe. With prices from £22.50 this is an affordable way to get great quality gear without breaking the bank.
A full review of the new collection will be heading your way very soon, but in the meantime, if great style is your thing, make sure you keep up to date with the collection’s release. the range is due to be stocked in 100 M&S stores and will also be available online.
What will I be buying?
As much as I can afford! 

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  1. I like the loungers, I think I would wear them around the house. Yes another stunning collection Mr GANDY 🙂 WELL dome. I am well chuffed for you !

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  2. Love,love, love this collection am so happy for you you’ve worked hard for Autograph especially like you in the blue Henley top and joggers this is a great combination of clothing looks comfy and smart at the same time, well done Mr Gandy 😘

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