ThatIsBeyond…The Mousetraps, The theatre awards that really matter.

Once a year, the elite of theatre round up the awards season with an event created by and voted for by young people. THE MOUSETRAPS is that event and the cream of West End theatre was out in force to collect the hotly contested awards.

It’s always an honour to be invited to an award ceremony, but The Mousetraps have a very special place in my heart. Firstly, the team that are behind this event are from the charity Mousetrap Theatre Projects, a theatre access and education charity, that put young people and those who would not otherwise be able to attend the theatre, at the forefront of their important work. Secondly, I was lucky enough to be asked to host an early incarnation of this event by the charity’s youth forum (a team of young people who volunteer their time to create events, aid with social media and provide the opinions on behalf of their peers). And thirdly, the quality of the entertainment for the event is always top notch, and with such variation amongst the acts there really is something for everyone.
The awards vary from “Best Play” to “the show that you would sell your soul to be in” and really were collected by deserving performers, casts and producers. Martin Freeman (for my money, one of the best dressed men in attendance) won the coveted Best Male Performer award for playing the Title Role in Richard III, and although unable to attend, the wonderful Gemma Arterton wrote a lovely speech in acceptance of the best female performer award for her role in Made In Dagenham.
The fascinating storyline award went to Billy Elliot, a deserving cast who recently blew my socks off, having not seen the show for a few years, they were incredible. 
Nods also, to the Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night time (best design) and stomp (best choreography).
Full List Of Awards
Best Play: War Horse
Fascinating Storyline: Billy Elliot
Best Male Performer: Martin Freeman (Richard III)
Best Ensemble: The Scotsborough Boys
Best Design: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Dazzling Choreography: Stomp
Best Female Performer: Gemma Arterton (Made in Dagenham)
Musical that Blew my mind:
Les Miserables
Show That Split My Sides:
The Book of Mormon
The Show That You Would Sell Your Soul To Be In:
As well as the awards themselves this fantastic event also showcases up and coming young talent, and within this show there was some truly inspiring young people. From an A Capella group to Shakespeare, from a Harpist to a spoken word group, the talent on show was mesmerising. All of these young people love performing and each of them shines brightly.

I have to mention though, the Rhythm of Men, a trio of of young men who waxed lyrically with energy and wordplay, and whom I would pay good money to see again. Their performance was poignant and funny, cutting and clever in equal measure, as a thirty year old man, I wanted to be like them. They know who they are  and performed with gusto about issues that were important to them. These gentlemen have style and talent, so if you get the chance please check them out, social media links are pictured below.

Twitter: @RhythmOfMen

YouTube: Rhythm Of Men
Facebook: Rhythm Of Men

And to not mention Zoe West would be a travesty. Her musical blend of storytelling was as good as this genre gets, confident, honest and funny, this was also a real highlight of the evening. The honesty of her lyrics and stylish presentation of her performance beamed from the stage and her personality was contagious to the room.
Follow Zoe West on Facebook:
And check out her soundcloud I promise you won’t regret it.
This event is a one of a kind celebration of young people and the important contribution that they can make to the world of theatre, as well as a celebration of theatre itself.
Mousetrap Theatre Projects do amazing work every year, and we should commend them for all that they do for young people in the capital.

If you are 15 to 23 and want to join a scheme that will enable you to see a breadth of theatre, then this could be the place for you.
Click Here to sign up for free membership 
All in all a fantastic evening and one that I will be hoping to experience again next year!
You can help make a difference by to families with children with special needs, by registering (for free) with Aviva and helping to raise money for a very special relaxed performance of The Gruffalo 
Register and vote by 31st May Here:

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