ThatIsBeyond… Look up and see the #shoppingevent!

Amongst Londoners, it is quite common to forget to look up from the pavement! Eyes focused on our mobile phones, the hustle and bustle of the daily rat race and our inner satnav counting down the paces from the tube to our place of work, we rarely take the time to look up and really take in our local surroundings!

It was for this reason that I was particularly excited to be invited to attend a #shoppingevent just around the corner from where I work! It is on these streets that I have hurried along, late for the theatre or between meetings, but seldom with the purpose of shopping. The one exception to this is to visit Murdock London, my one stop ultimate shave experience for my inner gentleman!
The Seven Dials and St Martin’s Court Spring Shopping Event was a showcase for this boutique area nestled just behind Covent Garden tube station, and gave me the opportunity to really experience what these fantastic stores had to offer. 

For one thing every shop involved in the event (120 of them) offered a 20% reduction on all purchases! The fete-like atmosphere, including one of the best tombolas that I have had the pleasure of being a part of, made the most of the community spirit and gave us (the shoppers) the chance to fully experience the merchandise and services that were on offer. From beard trims at my favoured Murdock, to the fishtail plait that my wife was adorned with, thanks to the hairstylists at BLOW.
The special events were of the highest quality with Elle magazine and Esquire running style tutorials In a teepee filled with local fashions available across the breadth of stores within the shopping district. Teo Van Den Broeke, senior style editor at esquire magazine offered his style advice, and when someone is as impeccably dressed as this gentleman, you want to hear what they have to say! This tutorial on style was a lovely touch and I left with some top tips on how to dress, a better sense of men’s fashion as a whole, and with the address of a good tailor. Needless to say I was a very happy man.
There will be a fashion tips post to follow soon!
Instead of the general high street approach of getting you in and out of the store as quickly as possible, it was great to visit Miller Harris and have a smell of their candles, with a chat and some iced tea, treat my wife to a Caudalie facial mist and enjoy a burger at Diner.
Live bands filled the air with music and the ground was covered in AstroTurf grass (this was because the whole area was pedestrianised for the day) for one day of the year, the shopper reigned supreme over London’s traffic… It was bliss!
I have to also mention Cawston Press who provided a delicious Rhubarb soft drink (amongst others) and to King Bloom cocktails, who in my opinion have developed the best tasting pre-mixed cocktail I have ever experienced! My favourite was the potent Gin based “Tea Party” but all were excellent, I would not be surprised if this London based outfit doesn’t become a household name, very soon!
This was a thoroughly enjoyable day out, and it’s was great to see families enjoying the shopping experience together. This area has something for everyone so if you haven’t had the chance, get down there and experience the quality shops that they have to offer. You won’t always have an AstroTurf Lawn or a teepee in a courtyard, but the shopping will always be of the best quality.
If you ask me it’s worth looking up from the pavement – who knows you might find a hidden gem that you weren’t expecting to find!


For now I will finish reading my free copy of Esquire and the have a shave with my Fougere aftershave which I bought with 20% off… this is the life!

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