ThatIsBeyond… ‘He still uses conditioner, he’s not an animal’

A few weeks ago, I decided that after a few years with long (ish) flowing locks, it was time to try a somewhat shorter hairstyle. For those who have followed my blog for a bit, this will be no huge surprise, from a 50’s style quiff to blonde cane rows, I am not afraid to change things up once in a while! And so the decision was made to go for an all over Number 1.
I will be the first to admit that I had no idea what this would end up looking like. But brave I had decided to be, and so my wife (wielding some brand new clippers, and with absolutely no experience) set about creating this transformation!  

Firstly, I have to say how liberating the experience was, I enjoyed the weight of the hairstyle falling to the floor. What was left was unrecognisable, I felt like a completely different person – who knew my hair would be so defining?

I am a bigger built guy, I have a receding hairline and jowly cheeks, and yet this drastic hair removal seemed to change the shape of my face. It felt like the change we saw Smith reveal in Sex And The City (minus the handsome good looks and the chiselled jawline) but somehow I felt that my face had adapted to the haircut!
For the time being there will be no need for the copious amount of hair products that I have in reserve. Instead I can begin to work on being me.
There were 2 noticeable things that occurred following this restyle:
1) My spot prone skin noticeably cleared up

2) Every “forced” selfie (my wife being somewhat a fan) looked weird, like I had forgotten how to use my face!


With regards to part 1, this was happy days! The grease from my hairline didn’t seem to be sitting on my forehead and so there was less dirt sitting on the pores.
Part 2 was a whole different experience. As a fan of ANTM ( a very guilty pleasure) I never understood why the contestants seemed to forget how to model once their hair was fashioned into Tyra’s pixie cut fetish! But literally, you have to relearn how to use your face! 

As an actor, painfully dire photoshoots are often a given, so I had to learn fast and the good news is, once you have the hang of it, it’s like riding a bike (sort of).

Another thing that happens is that people want to rub your head! I should be grateful that it was my head and not my belly, but all the same it’s a little unnerving. One of my work colleagues remarked it’s so much softer than I expected, to which a second colleague replied “of course it’s soft, he still uses conditioner, he’s not an animal!” Brillo Pads!
So why not take a risk, and chop it all off. See how it goes. It will afterall grow back pretty quickly… But be warned, people may want to pet you like a small puppy!


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