ThatIsBeyond… Goodnight Anti-Snoring Ring

The thing about snoring, is that whilst I am a heavy snorer, it doesn’t really affect me (my snoring is much more my wife’s problem)!!!!!

Having said that when the opportunity arose to try out an anti -snoring ring, I thought I would at least give it a go – and see if this simple idea and the science behind it really worked.
First off, I want to say that I love the concept of this, it is an opportunity to fix a very real problem, without having to medicate or operate. It’s too easy to fix every little problem with the aid of drugs that are unproven in the longterm, so a holistic approach is a breath of fresh air.
This little ring has two different sized bumps on the inside edge, which lines up two pressure points which are supposed to affect the snoring process. It is worn on the little finger and is very unobtrusive to wear, you really do forget it is there.

Available in three different sizes, there is a ring for all who are afflicted by snoring. 
Snoring is a very real problem between couples – sleepy time should be about rest, relaxation and togetherness, but snoring can be testing because it interrupts the tranquility that should be in the bedroom, and that, can move into people’s days really easily (which is a road to disaster!)
  I tested this product for 3 weeks, because I didn’t want to judge it on a one night whim, but instead on prolonged use. For me there was a decrease in the power of my snoring, on occasion I have been woken up by my own snore! I definitely felt more settled and more open, but my wife will attest that it did not stop the snoring all together.
The packaging is very clear that for heavy snorers a ring is needed on each little finger and maybe that would further assist my problem. I really wanted this to be the full answer to the snoring debacle and I would say that this is definitely worth a try, to see if this makes a difference to your specific nighttime breathing issues.
At £30 it’s a fairly cheap solution if it does work for you, and will make a marked difference to the quality of you and your partner’s sleep. We all know how important a good sleep is, and £30 is not a lot to pay if it does make a difference.

I am convinced that this had made at least a little bit of improvement to my sleeping habits, and so I will keep persevering. The ring itself is nice and I like that “goodnight” is inscribed on it. In my opinion the packaging needs some work to fit in this market more comfortably and represent it’s price point more closely. 
I was sent this product for the purpose of review, but all opinions and photos are my own.

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