ThatIsBeyond… Grooming products – wot I have used!

I like a good empties post, so I have saved up some of the array of products that I have been using over the last few months! 


For ease of review I have tried to group them together in a logical way, but be warned, there are a couple of random pairings! So without further ado, here’s what I thought of this lot!


212 by Carolina Herrera This is a staple for my fragrance collection, because it is a great all year round fragrance. It is light enough in the summer months, but substantial enough to see you through the colder months too. This is a sexy and fresh fragrance that always has a replacement waiting in the wings!

Made To Fit by Zara An impulse buy when picking up a suit for my friend’s wedding, this handy sized 25ml eau de toilette (from the tailor made collection) was just £4.99. Another light yet masculine fragrance, this is a pretty good bet for most guys. However, whilst the packaging looks good, the spray mechanism is not the best, which made this a bit faffy to use.

Extreme SPORT by Paul Smith A great summer fragrance that is always noticed, this is reasonably priced and a bit different for the active male. I think the purchase of the full size may well be in my future! I bought this from feel unique and also received a stylish Man Bag! He Shoots He Scores! 

Shower Time   

The Clean of England Energy Boosting Shower Gel by Soap & Glory The Soap and Glory for men range is always interesting, they tend to go on sale around Christmas time, and on the whole I would describe them as FUN! This is a citrusy, clean fragrance the lathers up really well. The complete antithesis of the previous S&G fragrance this is great unisex product for all the family.

Shampoo and Shower by Clarins Men As part of a birthday gift from a friend, this is by far my favourite shower product that I have ever used! The fragrance is classy and leaves you feeling super clean. This is a quality product that requires no gimmicks. Not the cheapest product on the market, but it is filled with good quality ingredients that work with your skin instead of drying it out.

Invigorating Body Wash by N SPA Men This formula features tiny little blue beads that break up When lathering into the skin. The fragrance is subtle yet manly and good all round. For me the beads didn’t really add anything, but that is just me! And this was the cheapest of the three so it did quite well considering.


Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel These are non-negotiable necessities for me and I use A LOT of them! With the amount of smog in the air and people passing around germs every second – these are great little extras. Caribbean Escape is a delicious fragrance that is good enough to eat, a fruity cocktail type scent – only downside is its pink! Florida Orange is exactly as you would expect, but not a sickening syrupy orange, a much more authentic fragrance. Iced Gingerbread is from their Christmas range and is spicy and potent, it’s a great fragrance but is best kept for the festive season! Honolulu Sun is my favourite of the four, an amazing summer cocktail of fragrance that is like being on a beach! Of course they all do a good job in being antibacterial and are all a handy travel size too.


Cocoa Body Scrub by Palmers This is a great shower product that has a whole grade of cocoa pieces  within in. You have to really like the cocoa fragrance but I found this a really effective body scrub. It is really moisturising formula that leaves the skin feeling really nourished.

Original Face Scrub by Bulldog This is a citrus based finely milled scrub (with a salt-like consistency) that packs a punch with its tangy fragrance. I find that this is quite gentle on the skin and  buffs it up quite nicely. I like the bulldog range generally, but I think that this is my fave from the complete range. Readily available on the high street, this is a great all round necessity product.

Face Scrub by Scaramouche & Fandango A second salt like scrub, by I do find this one a little bit too astringent for my skin. I have worked through it over a longer period of time, and it is really effective at clearing up the complexion and helps tackle ingrown hairs along the beard line before they can properly develop. I am definitely interested in trying more from this range and seeing what it has to offer.

 Cleansing Water 
3 in 1 Cleansing Water by Ren This is a great cleansing water. I was slightly worried about the rose scent, but actually it is really subtle. I found this really helped clear up excess oils on the surface (and when I was in a show it was a great make up remover too!) With Ren you know that you are getting quality, and this product is no exception.

3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution by L’Oreal Paris Another more basic Micellar water, I found this to freshen up my skin, but it is a little underwhelming. My wife will continue to use it as a make up remover and she is happy with it, but for me the cleansing effect isn’t the best.

 Hair Care 
I have no need whatsoever for either of these products anymore (since I cut all my hair off) but these are both worth a little mention.

Dry Shampoo in RIO by CO LAB When I had longer hair I found this product great for adding volume and lift, ensuring that my oh so Shoreditch quiff had the height and structure necessary. I also found that this is the best dry shampoo I have tried, leaving no white powder along the hairline.

Head Shine by Fudge A cool little product, this is liquid shine in an aerosol form. You just spray it in and your hair catches the light and creates a luminescent glow.

Skincare Fixers 

Green Tea Nose Pack by Étude House A basic nose strip that is really affordable and removed the dirt that clogs up the pores on the nose. With big pores all over my nose, these pads are a necessity! I appreciate that these won’t be for every guy out there, but for me they make a dramatic difference.

Collagen Eye Zone Mask by Purederm I have found, that as a person whose face is shaped around the bags under my eyes! That I will try anything the get my face looking more youthful and less tired. These little patches brighten the face and tone down the contrast between the dark circles and the rest of my face. These are really effective and make a lot of difference for very little hassle.

Odds & Ends  

Deodorant by Matas This can of deodorant rescued my abysmal travel issues in Copenhagen. Having no luggage, virtually no currency I had only had the means to purchase a couple of products to get me through… Toothpaste, a toothbrush and this! This is a hard working deodorant that smell good and doesn’t smell cheap at all. I know nothing about the brand except that I could afford it! But when in Copenhagen again, I will be sure to find out more!

Ice Power Gel Basically the is the reverse of Deep heat! I was given this sample during the Stockholm marathon and I found it to be really very effective at tackling muscle ache. One thing to watch out for is that the formula can crystallise over time which renders it pretty useless after that. But for quick relief for your muscles, this is pretty good.

Empties are now all emptied… Now to start contributing to the next product post!


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