ThatIsBeyond…Fathers Day Gift ideas part 1

In the lead up to Father’s Day, we can often be inundated with various tacky items inscribed with the word ‘Dad’. 
My father has always an advocate of celebrating any occasion with a bar of Dairy Milk Whole Nut – but has never wanted his children to spend a huge amount on him!
The very different Men that we are, has never got in the way of our fantastic  relationship. I can be wholly honest with my dad (even when that means telling him that I think he is wrong) but I will be honest and say that present buying is a much more difficult issue!

This Fathers Day I will be looking at those special gifts that are a bit of me and a lot of him – who knows I may just find the perfect thing!
I am Starting out with a little gift from Murdock of London.

I have spoken at length about this amazing brand and the quality shave gear/ experiences that they have on offer, and my honest appraisal is that every man should know a proper and authentic shave from their master shavers. There is a whole selection of gifts and quality shave items that would be perfect for any dad, but I want to focus in on one fragrance in particular… FougĂ©re
I picked this up as a treat for myself and ultimately discovered that it is one of my top fragrances! It is completely different to my usual preferred scents (which are fresh and citrusy) and instead this bottle is filled with a much earthier form of masculinity!

Woody and Musky and Spicy, this blend has a natural aroma. There is an ode to the forest, with dew on leaves and fresh bark, but also a tinge of spicy (the depth of which is a veritable apothecary for the senses). There is also some classic about the earthy base notes, and no alcoholic tang to the fragrance at all.
Fragrance is a personal journey, but I fully believe that this is such a special one, that a lot of our fathers would love it. The quality of the ingredients is spectacular and used properly you don’t need an awful lot of it!
Another option is to bring your dad into the store and share the shave experience together. What a great way to thank the man who started your shave journey with some words of advice, by introducing him to the master shavers at my favourite male grooming spot in London!

Whatever you are looking for, for Father’s Day, it’s worth a look to see if there is something a little bit special on offer at Murdock London… You could always pick up the obligatory monogrammed mug as well.

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  1. Aww. I think the idea of a shared luxury shave experience with good old dad is wonderful! Perhaps capped off by a lovely bar of Dairy Milk Whole Nut! 🙂


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