ThatIsBeyond…Nati’s On Priory

This past weekend, my tastebuds and I were lucky enough to attend the soft opening of a brand new cafe. Nati’s on Priory is nestled at the foot Muswell Hill, has a fantastic range of coffees, breakfasts and lunches as well as some of the best cakes I have ever tasted… And I consider myself quite the connoisseur on cake!  
Nati’s on Priory is a modern venue with the focus being firmly on the food and drink. What you get for your money is excellent quality produce with the freshest ingredients, not the usual stale chocolate brownie that you can expect from many coffee chains across the capital. But beyond the food, there is real heart in this cafe. It is a place to relax with a paper, to people watch, or to treat yourself to a special birthday breakfast with the kids. 

For breakfast I sampled the sourdough toast with scrambled eggs and bacon with gyulai (A delicious type of Hungarian sausage cooked to crispy perfection) on the side. 

This was washed down with a creamy soya latte and the best vanilla chai that I have had the pleasure to devour! All great tasting, the star of the show was the gyulai which added great flavour and texture to this breakfast and ensured that the taste buds were dancing.

My wife enjoyed her challah French toast with bacon and maple syrup with a side of scrambled eggs, which was a hearty and delicious feast on a Sunday morning. This is comfort food that warms you like a breakfast in bed.
The cakes are innovative and taste divine, the Christmas spiced cinnamon roll and and the lemon and poppyseed muffin were my takeaway choices, and the muffin especially is in a class of its own. But honestly any of the sweet offerings would have been perfect. These cakes are packed full of flavour and pizazz, but more importantly than that they taste incredible.
Nati’s on Priory, is more than just a cafe, it’s a lifestyle that you can buy into and wholesome dishes that make you smile from the inside. I get the feeling that Muswell Hill and the surrounding areas have a new home away from home!

Visit the Nati’s On Priory website 

And why not follow them on Twitter? @natisonpriory

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