ThatIsBeyond… Spring/ Summer trends at M&S.

Marks & Spencer unveiled their Spring/Summer collection this week, and so on your behalf, ThatIsBeyond has been investigating what this high street giant have on offer for all of  the menswear enthusiasts out there!
Before I get into my personal highlights of the collection (of which there were many!) I thought I should also give you the low-down on some general trends and observations that I have made, from this cohesive collection.

– The colour palette is cool tones of blues and greens, which also feature pattern and print within the colour and creates great texture.
– The day tailoring is a more laid back and fluid part of the collection which features lighter fabrics and an easy to wear sense of tailoring.

– The formal tailoring is sharp and form fitting with crisp edges and sleek masculine lines.

– A sportswear range is up and “running” with all of the detailing and functionality that you would expect from quality active wear. Which means you can now look good going to the gym as well!

– The David Gandy collection will increase in size with a few very special pieces joining his already incredible range. It’s high quality designs which make us men feel like gentlemen, and make the most of our masculine shape… Whatever that might be!

– The shoes and accessories are exceptional with some redesigning of some existing lines making the price point more competitive.

The first overriding feeling is that this is by far the most cohesive collection that I have seen from M&S. From Blue Harbour, to Autograph, to Best of British, there is a real fluidity between the separate brands. I can see the development of the “M&S Man” and he shops across all of the brands.

For me I get a real sense of who that man is, by looking at the collection, and I have to say I am him too!

The statement pieces of the upcoming seasons will transcend each of the individual brands. Throughout the collection there are 32 bomber jackets, which literally means that there is a stylish jacket for all within this range!

Occasion wear is no new thing, but there is a heavy focus on the style and affordability within this key spring/summer market. It brings a laid back yet suave attitude to event wear and creates a casual feel to the tailoring, and they feature linen and colour to give them that spring 2016 feeling.

Take this suit, which features at an extremely competitive price of £129. There will be 6 colour options across the range, which will venture away from your standard tailoring choices. They’re utterly wearable and super stylish. I particularly like this plum toned one, it adds a bit of personality to the simple fit, without screaming to be the center of attention.

Marks and Spencer always go to town with the well considered detailing of their collections. I have found this collection to be no different. I particularly like the distinct nod to the seventies with some retro details, whether this is a play on the winged collar or a simple stripe on the swimwear. But best of all are the details that make the pieces functional… And the strong example of this is in their activewear collection.
Wearability and Safety are the key elements when it comes to this collection. With a stylish use of reflective fabrics, that are less garish and more a considered element of the design, the journey to the gym can be as stylish as the rest of your every day life. There are useful zip-up pockets and waterproofing technology within this collection which means that on functionality they are also leading the way for their price point. This is a capsule collection of sportswear that covers every eventuality for the active male, and ensures that style and function co-exist together.

My top pick from the collection is this amazing three piece suit in grey, which also features a double breasted jacket! (you know I want this on pre order!) The pebbly colour is a flattering one to pull off for men of any size, and the three pieces ensures that there are many options to dress this suit up or down for each occasion. This suit is retailing at an incredible £99! There really isn’t a better deal on the high street.

I also love these contemporary collection, traveller fit trousers that have some sleek detailing features and create a new silhouette which focuses on comfort and wearability. And for my money I would pair them with this knitwear piece from the autograph collection, which is a high quality light-knit that will transcend the seasons of 2016.

 Whatever you want to wear, M&S have it covered in this collection. The boundaries of age, size and shape have all been erased with this range of menswear that puts the wearer at the heart of the design. Into summer we can once again wear a “shorts suit” and we have the footwear to transcend day to night. And of course we will all be looking forward to the much anticipated next extension of the David Gandy for Autograph collection, where I think we may have riots on our hands!


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