ThatIsBeyond…Helly Hansen footwear review

I am a bit of a shoe nut! I really enjoy the craftsmanship and design that goes into a truly great piece of footwear. We all need shoes after all, so their design is of the utmost importance!
With no alliance to any brand in particular, my collection of footwear is eclectic and varied. My faves range in price from £10 – £150 and most places in between! one brand that I was missing from my collection though was HELLY HANSEN… and so I was over the moon to get the opportunity to trial a pair of boots from their new collection. The perfect opportunity to see for myself what this fantastic brand  is all about!  

As the parcel arrived at ThatIsBeyond HQ, I momentarily became as excited as a kid at Christmas! I opened the box, and pulled back the tissue paper, and there The VIGELAND was…staring right back at me!
This is footwear for the city dweller, a sleek blend of stylish suede and leather, that creates an all -round  blend of style for guys that are always on the move. This is a piece of modern engineering that has your feet at the centre of its journey, to create the perfect boot.


VIGELAND are super comfortable. They include a removable supportive footbed that ensures that all of your movement is cushioned. I have been testing them to the max in this winter weather, and have made sure not to avoid the wind and rain, because let’s face it, what use is style if it doesn’t function in the British weather? And what’s the point of my review if I don’t actually test them!

I have spent some long old days at work, constantly on my feet, and then transferred seamlessly into a night out as well! After 12-14 hours, I can attest to the fact that they were still as supportive as they were in the first hour. This is an impressive feat in itself, but also no big surprise to me, as in my opinion the Scandinavians really understand design.
The aesthetics of any footwear is important, the right blend of functionality and style is the key to great footwear and these modern casual shoes are no exception to that rule. They are pitched perfectly for the average guy. These are a wearable mid-cut design, that feature some statement bright blue laces. There is an edge of modernity to the over-all look which makes them super wearable and full of style. The classic pairing of brown accents on the heel and tongue of Vigeland also adds dimension to the design.

 The deep blue suede has a brushed quality that softens the overall feel and means that these boots can easily be paired with denim or casual suiting… The perfect footwear in fact,  for a man about the town.
The sleek lines and the accented white sole are just two of the elements that make these boots as slick and sophisticated as they are. The sleek modern lines create a stunning shape, and you feel that you are in safe hands with this design and that they will “weather” nicely.
As a “dirty white trainer – phobe” it is important to me that footwear looks as good worn in, as it does on the shelf, and after a month of wearing (pretty much constantly) these are proving to fare very well indeed! Because these are a modern classic, there is no age restriction on who can pull them off! In fact, these are proof that great wearable style has no boundaries.

These are a perfect smarter option for a skater teen, and a comfortable choice for a city man, who is always in a pair of Oxfords. The craftsmanship is top notch, and so all in all this is an impressive release from Helly Hansen that will transcend the seasons, and ensure you are looking great well into 2016 and beyond.
The SRP is £100 and for that price point I think these offer great benefits. For me this is a higher end purchase, but one that I would take the plunge with… Funds permitting.
To browse the Helly Hanson collection and to get your hands on a pair for yourself Click Here.

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