ThatIsBeyond…Lacoste Footwear SSI6 May the Croc be with you!

Hey Footwear Fans!!! May the Croc Be With You!

I was so excited to be invited to view the 2016 footwear collection from Sports Legend brand Lacoste. As a huge fan of their footwear lines, it is great to get an exclusive preview of next season’s must have items, as well as getting the opportunity to learn a bit more about this illustrious brand.

 Steeped into a long history of tradition and inspired by the great tennis player himself, unless you have been hidden under a rock, you must have heard of them (and him!) So here is a little look at the collection, to make sure that you are all bang up to date with what this iconic range of footwear has to offer.

With craftsmanship at the forefront of their designs, what are the five aspects that make a Lacoste shoe authentic?

The development of their footwear is based around 5 main ideas that are at the core of their design process.

untitledThe Net

As you would expect, designed by one of the biggest names in tennis, some inspiration had to be taken from the game itself! The quality of the designs is proven by the amazing weaving of the net-like fabric into some of their shoes without it looking out of place. The sporty style and breathability that this provides makes ‘The Net’ a functional and aesthetic choice throughout the collection.

punchThe Punch

René Lacoste was a trendsetter on the court, even before he developed his range of “sportwear”. He was at the forefront of the developing tennis technology and to that end was the first one to use a punched grip on his racket handle. And so we see this idea developed into this modern range as well, as a punctuated design statement!

clean linesClear Lines

From design aesthetic to the very tramlines that René won so many matches on, we see the sleek lines developing from the very fabric of this brand to the leather and canvas uppers of the footwear itself!



Inspiration taken from the clean, timeless, confident style of the man himself, and of course the tennis whites that reign supreme even today, we see a large proportion of designs in a singular pallet. We also see the introduction of shades of white, which focuses on wearability and longevity of style.


The imprint of the classic Polo! The innovative fabric designed by René Lacoste during the 1920s, in his quest to find the perfect product fit for performance, movement and durability. Still popular wear of the now, this statement fabric is developed into the multi-faceted range of footwear on show.

Now to the range itself…

Some of my favourite parts of the collection, was their play with the colour white. As a man who cannot stand to have his new white trainers go off-white after one wear, I welcome the introduction of Off-white, Baby-White and any other white that isn’t the pristine bold statement of nearly every core range of trainers!

But beyond the personal pleasures of this aesthetic ambiguity, it also struck me how much more wearable they made the range. These are footwear for the dressy casual man, who is ready for anything at the drop of a hat. The sporty style is sleek, but with comfort at the very centre of the designs.


 The “preppy” feel of the overall range is best exemplified in both of these fantastic takes on deck shoes for 2016. I particularly like the CONCOURS LACE which are so stylish and yet much more modern than your average deck shoe. The quality laces and the gripped sole make these an excellent choice for Spring through to Summer and beyond.

  In the way of boots, it has to be the Bradshaw Chukka, which is a super cool desert boot that is bang on trend. The camel suede is tactile and smart, and will really finish off an outfit with quality and clean lines.

  Of the sports range the Tramline are the bees knees, and have a vintage feel but with uber modern technology within them. The overall feel is a “moulding” between the upper and the sole that really turns them into a piece of sculpture! The dynamic design breaks the boundaries of a mass market trainer and instead creates a unique silhouette for the foot. If the green and white is reminiscent of your childhood like it is mine there are also some more traditional cuts in a similar design, but in my opinion these are something really special.


The detailing throughout the collection is exquisite and I really loved the variation in the use of their famous croc design. Whether it was embossed, sewn or a metal attachment, it is branded in a classy and modern way.

There are too many amazing options to choose from throughout this collection, but believe me when I say that there really is something for everyone. Some truly special releases are on their way in the new year so make sure you keep your ear to the ground!

  What Lacoste offers is truly great footwear that you can rely on, and that you know will grow with you. Quality pieces that are not faddy, but instead modern classics for the contemporary gent. So get your tennis on with some evening shoes, or attend that meeting is some trainers! Lacoste transcends what footwear is, and places the wearer at the core of their design.

So why not get yours and meet me at the net… although more likely it will be at the pub!


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