ThatIsBeyond… A festive night with #christmasatkew

Sometimes an impromptu magical evening is required to lift the Christmas spirits! So with some mulled wine a winter scarf and of course the amazing company of my wife and friends, I embarked on a magical journey around Kew Gardens… Here is a little photo journey!

 This amazing trail began with a bit of pantomime and continued past the sights of the iconic gardens. Lighting and projections made this an ever impressive flow of dancing light and perspective.

 The beautiful “green house” filled with tropical plants was a pillarstone of a breathtaking light display that had as much charm as professor flitwick’s Class in Hogwarts!   

 These singing holly bushes offered an immersive dip into the “nature” and into the inherent Christmas spirit that was tangible throughout our stroll, I wish I had though to get it on video… I was enjoying it so much that I just wanted to experience it live!

The light-walk is the perfect example of good family fun! The sun and moon trees create the next world of lifts and dark… 

This fiery land of the Phoenix was an almost religious experience, which mad me feel in awe of the world that surrounded me. That may sound a little strong, but it was an incredible sight.

 These strongly coloured stalecmites were a neon sight that created a more vibrant mood to the walk. And then there was the contrast of the mini fireworks worn elegantly by the trees themselves! 
 In another filmic reference, this wall of light droplets felt very Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet and even a little romantic too!


 And next was a traditional fairground for all the family and the longest queue for waffles I have ever seen.  I am particularly proud of the panorama of the carousel!
Next were Kew’s illuminations! A bit like a cross between Alice in wonderland and being in Blackpool… #fact

 Floating lanterns like in the great hall…
 What an incredible night out. The perfect antidote to the ongoing frustrations with London Underground!!!

You just have to book your places so that you don’t miss out on this fantastic experience.

Tickets were just £8 online.

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