ThatIsBeyond… Avon Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask

My regular readers will know that I am a bit of a mask nut! They are singularly the best thing that I have found to keep my skin under control and as spot free as possible.

Part of the problem has always been that across my cheeks and especially on my nose, I have enormous pores! It’s an unfortunate problem as they often dry out, which in turns makes my skin produce more oil. It is a self-perpetuating cycle that is really grating for my skin to endure!
I decided to pick up the AVON pore penetrating black mineral mask, and give it a try. My current “go to” for a deep cleanse of the skin is the Una Brennan Superfacialist pore purifying Clay Mask (which is excellent by the way) but I don’t like to stick with the same product for too long, or my skin has a way of getting used to it!!!

What appealed about this product was that it featured salicylic acid, which I have always found to brighten and plumpen the skin, and that it advertised the clearing out of the pores in one deep cleanse.

And so the trial has begun…

Application is really easy, the product itself has  a decent medium consistency, which stays in place and doesn’t get dragged around the surface of the skin!

 Avoiding the eyes I covered the whole face right up to and over the hairline. This means that my skin that is prone to spots behind the hairline also has the chance to get super clean! I then let my body heat  do the work and dry the mask from black to grey! 

Around 5 minutes in, I had a check to see how the process was going and this is what I saw!

When they say pore penetrating, they really mean it!

 You can see from this pic how effective this mask really is at penetrating down into the pores and ensuring that they stay clear and free from the grease and dirt that causes blemishes.

After 15 minutes the mask was almost fully dry and the skin felt very firm beneath the surface. The process of removing the mask is a little messy (as is my experience with almost all of the masks that I have tried) but I had a general wash with hot water, and then used a pretty incredible scrub from Murdock London (exfoliating facial scrub £18.00 for 100ml Click Here) which cleared the excess mask and any dead skin cells too. Of course a decent moisturiser followed and… Voila! All was as good as new!

This is a lovely product that fully attacks this problem in a proactive way. A man’s needs are very different to a woman’s and I can see the masculine consideration in  development of this product, and that means that this is a staple item for us blokes.
My one negative is the packaging, it’s a little flimsy and I would be concerned about packing this for a holiday, in case it leaked or broke!

All in all though a really stellar product that I will be repurchasing (as long as AVON keep making it!) 
Click Here to buy.

The price is currently £3.00 for 75ml. (Normally £5.00) And worth a lot more than that too!

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