ThatIsBeyond…A Festive Season Survival Kit!

The lead up to Christmas can be havoc! Between the festive parties, longer hours at work, enough turkey to leave you feeling like you’ve been stuffed and the sheer volume of alcohol that we will almost certainly consume… We really do put ourselves through the ringer! So I thought why not share my Christmas survival kit with you?!
A Christmas survival kit (CSK) is not unlike a Zombie Apocolypse Survival Kit! It contains everything that is necessary to survive the Party season, and battle against the hangover monster & defeat the winter weather! 
 Berocca – During the lead up to the big event It can be really easy to mistake your five a day for a kebab! And before you know it you can’t remember the last time you saw a carrot… Let alone ate one! These effervescent vitamins contain more than you need for a day and so are a great way to recharge those batteries and ensure some goodness is absorbed. Berrocca are the best but are pricy. You can get similar products from boots or the supermarket for a fraction of the price. WARNING Dissolve in water or you with start creating orange froth and foaming from the mouth!  Right Guard Total Defence 5 – With a whole fantastic range of man sized sprays in the new Total Defence 5 range, Right Guard covers your every need for the party season. With new technology offering up to 48hours of freshness (who really needs that long lasting power?!) these products ensure that the 5 signs of perspiration are taken care of. With no irritating alcohol in them, they are also kinder to your skin. The invisible power is my favourite and works without staining any of you Christmas outfits! 

 Mini toothbrush and toothpaste – I think that this is probably self explanatory, but the festive season requires a set to be on you at ALL times! So make sure that your desk and of course your man bag are well-stocked too. And a toothpaste for sensitive teeth should ensure some of the damage from the sugary alcopops and copious desserts is undone (or at least assisted with!)
  Under Eye Moisturiser/ Eye Masks – Experience has taught me that there is nothing worse than being referred to as the “Christmas Panda”! Thick thin and elastic skin around the eyes can take a real bashing dished out by sleep deprivation. All of the midweek partying will take its toll and so we have to have two main combatants at the ready!

 The Clarins anti-fatigue eye serum, works to tighten the skin around the eyes, as well as lifting and brightening the overall complexion. It’s gel like consistency is super easy to use and not at all messy!  

The Purederm collagen eye zone masks are miracle workers! The brightening quality they bring to the skin is the best of any masks that I have tried, and you only need to have them on for 5 minutes! Simply place below the eyes and you will see them work their collagen magic!

 Scarf – It’s winter, and so a scarf is a vital accessory for the man about the town! But more than that, a scarf will make a statement even with the most boring of outerwear! I have two lovely examples of Scottish wool scarves that are both great fashion statements but also warm and functional in the dropping temperatures! Make sure you don’t leave home without one!  

Lip Balm – In the harsh winds that dry out your skin, it’s important to to take care of your lips (afterall you will be doing all of the kissing under the mistletoe!!!) I love this little grainy lip nourished from fuschii which will do the trick nicely.. So pucker up!

Selection of pain killers –Overindulgence is a given! At this time of year it’s pretty difficult to avoid, and so some combative off the shelf tablets will almost certainly be required! It is hell on earth to be in an important meeting with a thumping headache and no hope of improvement!

(Always follow instructions on the packet. And if in doubt seek medical advice before taking.)

Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac – As a huge fan of this iconic American brand, this is a staple product for life! But around the festive a season there are some simply delicious fragrances that will combat those winter germs and leave your hands feeling fresh and clean. With a choice of Winter Cranberry, Fresh Sparkling Snow and many others, there really is a Christmas treat for all! 

Happy socks – There are very few things that are worse than wet socks from the water that has seeped through your favourite shoes! And so, to combat this I simply make sure that my manbag has a thoroughly Happy spare pair of socks at the ready! Because if you are going to go to the trouble of changing your soggy socks, it might as well be for a happy pair!

Bow tie – I try to carry one with me, simply because you never know when the next invite will come your way, and I like to be prepared! A muted colour will go with most button-downs and it takes up no space at all in the manbag… Go from day to evening in one easy step!  

Costa coffee – My favourite hangover cure, and the best chain coffee for my palette (if you are in the Muswell Hill, Turnpike Lane area, then drop in to Nati’s on Prioiry, for the best vanilla chai Latte in London!). I also have a loyalty card which has enough points to get my favourite caffeine boost even if the pre Christmas pay heck hasn’t come in yet! 

Of course this is all in addition to a decent moisturiser, a spare pair of pants and my current fragrance of choice ‘Sauvage’ by Dior (Darling!) so make sure you are ready for the festive season, by tackling it head on!


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