THATISBEYOND… A very delayed Christmas Haul.

Last year, as with all years, I was spoilt rotten by friends an family alike! I know how lucky I am to be able to share my haul of men’s grooming products, so let’s see what the kind folks treated me to this year! (A bit late for a Christmas haul, I know! But the start of 2016 has been crazy!)

Calvin Klein – Eternity This is one of those fragrances that is really wearable for everyday. Clean and fresh, this is a staple for a quick masculine spritz before a night on the beers! A vibrant combination of aromas, this reminds me of my twenties in the most positive way!

Champneys spa essentials for men 

 Champneys do the very basics of men’s grooming really well. Their antiperspirant is a solid worker, and the general fragrance across the range is a masculine play on the traditional spa scent. The post-shave balm is nourishing and easy to use… Win/win

L’oreal men Hydra energetic 

Both the purifying face wash and the moisturising gel for skin and stubble are really great products, that have hit the high street in a big way. In both instances you are getting more than a basic run of the mill product, you are getting the development of new technology in a bold move towards  the qualities that we men actually want from our grooming products. These are conditioning treatments for hair and skin alike, and I am excited to get involved!

Nivea men bauble miniatures

More and more in life I am reaping the benefits of miniature grooming products, and this basic travel size set from Nivea for men is no exception. Not only are the products the same quality that you would expect from Nivea for men, but they are the perfect addition to the modern traveller’s Arsenal! 

Jack wills gentleman collection & rucksack 

To date, Jack Wills is not a brand that I have had a lot to do with. Their grooming range has the same preppy style that their fashion does, but with a twist! The “Start Bay” scent is right up my street! And this collection of deodorants and shower gels was accompanied with a metal water bottle and stylish rucksack, which is just the ticket!

Sanctuary – feather light moisture spray

This is an oil moisturiser straight out of the spa. The product itself is an indulgent oil that is great for men or women, and I have found that was absorbed fairly easily by my skin. One negative is that the spray bottle doesn’t produce a fine enough mist… If they get the nozzle changed this would be a ten.

Avon clear skin 

Avon has a great mens range of grooming products developed especially for the purpose of having clear skin. The clay mask is great and I can’t wait to try out the rest of this range, real soon.

No7 gradual tan moisturiser

 I cannot afford to go on holiday right now! But the danger is that I will end up looking like Caspar the friendly ghost! I have been looking forward to trying this No7 for men product out, and hopefully it will be a natural glow rather than looking like I have been dipped in a bath of baked beans for charity!

Murdock London the cologne collection
Murdock London are a temple of masculinity, and their contemporary yet classic fragrances are just one of the fantastic products in a very strong range. This decent sized range of miniatures have a spectrum of unique fragrances that will open your eyes to getting a more unique fragrance than you can find on the High Street.

And that my friends was my generous haul of amazing products! What I can tell you is that this lot will keep me going for some time and I can’t wait to try them all out properly!

For more reviews and news from the world of male grooming check out my other posts!


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