THATISBEYOND… A post full of empty products!

With the new year so quickly upon us – I feel like I didn’t have the chance to finish some tasks from 2015! One of which was clearing out some empties and reflecting on the the grooming products once housed inside them!

So here are the empty bottles from Autumn/Winter 2015 for your delectation!
Scottish Fine Soaps – Exfoliating body wash 200ml

This is a lovely product that leaves you smelling clean and presentable. It has all the benefits of a classic grooming product but with a salt like scrub element that helps buff the skin and remove the dead cells. It leaves me with a fresher complexion and has helped combat needless spots and blemishes.

Dior – Sauvage 60ml

This fragrance is really special. Universally, I am asked what I am wearing, and this is the culprit! There is a real depth to the fragrance but it is not at all heavy. The stylish ombré bottle from black to translucent is great too. This would make an excellent love day gift for any man in your life, because it is a really special fragrance to wear.

Bjorn Borg- Shorts for him

I purchased these orange and turquoise boxer briefs on a trip to Sweden and I have to say that they fit like a glove! The design and fit is amazing at keeping your willy (and other bits) in place and they are SUPER comfortable to wear (even when exercising). The support is excellent and they come in all different designs. Unfortunately, this pair had a run-in with an angry washing machine and now need replacing… Oh well another excuse to shop online!

Neutrogena – Visibly Clear pink grapefruit, oil free moisturiser 50ml

An excellent product, which my wife bought and I stole off of her! The baby pink packaging means that this unlikely to make it into many bloke’s shopping baskets, but I found this a reliable moisturiser which left me with a zingy freshness! It smells good too, which is always a bonus.

Ted Baker – Ted’s grooming room range – 01 face wash 200ml

This is the main face wash that I have been focusing my efforts on for the past few months. It’s pretty strong, and would be suitable for hardier skin types (if you have sensitive skin I would test this first). None the less an effective Facewash. Not my favourite from the Ted Baker range but still a solid product.

Murdock London – Fougere cologne 100ml

If I am not wearing Sauvage, I am probably wearing Fougere! This product is all about the wearer… I feel masculine and confident in this fragrance and it really plays with the senses. For me this is a really special product, and that is why I want to wear it everyday! Murdock of London hits it out of the park with their fragrance combinations and to my nose this is the best of the best.

Champneys – Spa essential body wash for men 

Champneys have a lovely range of grooming products, and this is  just one of them. The masculine spa fragrance isa solid performer and not too overpowering, either. For me it is a very simple product, but as a staple shower gel, this is a nice addition to the wash bag.

Etude House – AC clinic white trouble bubble cleanser.

I was gutted to find out that this foaming cleanser was no longer available on the Etude House Website. This product is a skin penetrating cleanser that utilises the healing properties of its ingredients to really take care of your skin. I found that it helped to control redness and pacify any out of control blemishes.

Also from Etude House – Green tea nose pack

I have extremely large pores, especially on my shoulders and through my T-Zone, which are prone to clogging. I decided to try both the nose treatments and the green tea nose packs to see if they made a difference. And they did! They attach to the build up of dirt and grime and when you pull the strip off of your nose the little black heads are attached! They green tea means that this is not too irritating to your skin either… Score!

FCUK Vintage – Body spray 200ml
My favourite fragrance from the FCUK range, this harks back to the traditional, muskier and heavier scents that I remember from growing up in the eighties,  but with a contemporary feel. A nice body spray with a medium strength aroma, you really can’t go wrong.

Clinique for men – Exfoliating tonic
Once again this is a classic product that I return to time after time. It cleanses the pores and helps remove the excess skin cells that clog within them. Just one of great grooming range, this product is a stand out skincare necessity. Not just a facial product, this has been a lifesaver for the spots that have been appearing in the shoulder area too.

Bath and Bodyworks pocketbacs – In ‘Tis the season’ and ‘Beautiful day’ and ‘Island margarita’

As a guy who needs to have cleanliness and hygiene in his life, it will be no surprise that I am a fan of the “Pocketbac”! The range from Bath and Bodyworks is by far the best smelling fragrances on the market, and they don’t have that horrible astringent aftersmell of alcohol either. From festive scents to a cocktail on the beach, there really is something for everyone… I use them religiously!
American Crew  – Classic fragrance 50ml

By far the cheapest of the fragrances mentioned in this post, I love this aftershave too! It’s a modern and contemporary, fresh blend of aromas that would be suitable for any age group and is inherently hip and masculine. For £10-15 this is worth a try… I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

A vast array of empties on show in this post, and some definite must buys amongst them. I love trying out new grooming brands and also testing the classics out too. For more grooming, lifestyle or fashion posts, make sure you sample the other offerings on :


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