ThatIsBeyond… What the Pecksniffs is that?!.

I love discovering a product that I haven’t used for a while. This blog allows me to trial more products than your average male – seeking out the must-haves from the plethora of products on offer to the modern man, and so sometimes a diamond from the past can get overlooked at the back of the drawer!

This is exactly what happened with this amazing dry body moisturising oil from Pecksniffs.

It’s blend of grapefruit and citron are fruity notes that easily slip into the androgynous zone in terms of fragrance. Put more simply, this is a product that my wife and I both willingly use!
At its core this is a dry Argan oil spray that creates a very fine mist. It is easily massaged into the skin without leaving a film on the surface. In fact unlike many body oils that I have found, there is virtually no transfer onto my clothes!
This product is super moisturising and really penetrates the skin, plumping it up a leaving it looking healthy and nourished. Because of the super fine spray, it is so easy to use with no mess and no fuss. Simply apply to the skin after you have dried off and rub in, it really couldn’t be any easier.

Pecksniffs are a Brighton based company who develop fantastic fragranced items, from candles to hand washes. There are specific male fragrances, but to be honest I don’t need to be told by a bottle, if I like the fragrance I will wear it! So support British companies, and also support a good skincare regime with quality British products.
To have a peruse of the full range of products, why not visit the Pecksniff’s website here: PECKSNIFFS
Alternatively some of the ranges are often stocked at TK Maxx.

It’s never worth leaving a gem like this at the back of a drawer, so make sure this fine spray is keeping your skin looking fine all year round!


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