ThatIsBeyond… A Jack Wills haul for Dad!

Mens fashion stakes are always high, and for any men like me, who have a large frame and few extra pounds around the middle, perhaps the stakes are even higher. With so many fashion inaccessible to us, we have to dress smart to really look good!As a new father though, my priorities have changed somewhat… In the midst of a tornado of dirty nappies, spit up and cries, you really start to value comfort over all else, but that doesn’t mean that the ability to dress well is completely lost! I will never be the guy who wears a matching tracksuit out in public (shock horror!) but I have decided that it’s time to treat myself to some new clothing. 
  I’ll admit that this was partly necessity and partly that the very thought of online shopping made me insanely happy! It is afterall a new father’s prerogative to treat himself! So my first port of call was to buy a Jack Wills hoodie. Their preppy sense of style has always appealed and their hooded attire is a staple of the range that is synonymous with the Jack Wills brand. 
  This Batsford Wills Popover Hoodie in bright blue was my final choice, but in an agonising few hours of sleeplessness I really couldn’t decide between the eventual Victor and the same design in Khaki Green…
  In hindsight I wish I had got both, because often a hoodie only lasts 30 minutes before my darling boy has projectiles milk across it, so a spare wouldn’t have gone a miss! Still in the current sale this cost a reasonable £29. (Normally £59.50)

  Next, I picked up the Ayleford Striped pocket T-Shirt. This is fundamentally “Jack Wills” item. The stripe in Pink and blue is a theme which you see throughout their range (afterall a real man can pull off a pink shirt). The fit is pretty good, I bought it in a large and it fits well. I have a longish torso and this is covers it well – with no danger of it turning into a crop top! I paid £14 in the sale for it, and that my friends is a bargain! (Normally £29.50)

 No amount of comfortable outerwear will be successful if you aren’t comfortable below! So I thought whilst I was at it, I should pick up some undies…
The website is a little misleading on the point of men’s underwear.
“briefs…trunks…boxer shorts… Undies… Whatever you call them, keep your top drawer as stylish as the rest of your wardrobe, this season.”
Whilst there are a number of fantastic designs, within the aesthetic of the range, they are all boxer briefs, there is no alternative in terms of shape and design! The good news is, that the fit is fantastic and they are super comfortable to wear, which afterall is the main thing, but beware is boxer briefs are not your thang, then maybe have a little look elsewhere for your pants.This two pack was £15 (normally £25).

The final addition to my order was the Salcombe LW Flannel Check Shirt.
 Straight away I though that this would be a great smart casual choice that would look fantastic on. The flannel design looked super cool and the cut was flattering to my rounder shape.

After purchasing a large in all other tops from Jack Wills, I was excited to see that it was also available!

Unfortunately the proof was in the trying it on, and my 46 inch chest was too much for the shirt to cope with. My sizeable belly was suitably covered, but at the chest was a gaping hole of man breast… Which for me is a fail.

 Luckily it was easy to return and instead, after one of the best examples of customer service I was called by the Jack Wills team to say that the XL wasn’t available and that I could get a further discount on a different item! I chose the navy blue – Kirkdale popover hoodie as a replacement which I love! £29.50 (normally £59.50).
So that my friends is a stylish haul of Jack Wills Items that will ensure both comfort and a semblance of style on my daily trip to the local supermarket.
But better that this dad looking a million dollars, is this dad feeling a million dollars in new pants and a hoodie – and that is worth the money I paid ten times over!


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