ThatIsBeyond… Dads, It’s A Beard Thang!

Along with my bouncing baby boy, came a quite distinguished beard (on my face that is, not his!). I think it was a combination of having no time to run out and get a razor, and no energy to tackle the ever-growing beast! 

Long gone were the itchy days of beard growth! The worst was over, but what was needed was a tiny bit of TLC for my untamed facial hair.
After trimming and tidying the coarse hairs, and restricting the growth of wayward stragglers, what was left looked quite good! Normally clean shaven or sporting a little scruff, this was a welcome change that I felt contributed to the distinguished father that I was aiming to be!
But beard care is important. In just a few short days one’s facial hair can develop a life of its own, and take you from a coiffed facial feature to a Yeti, before you even realise.

To this end I had to find some products, STAT!

Beard Thang came up on my Twitter feed (@thatisbeyond) and I thought to myself I HAVE to try this premium beard care brand. I think the science behind beard care is quite simple – it’s about conditioning the hairs and also looking after the skin below the beard. I started simply with the hairs, trying to ensure that they were softer to the touch. No baby wants a tickley cuddle from their dad! I needed to get these stubborn hairs under control.

Beard Thang’s beard oils – have created a fantastic beard wash which I have been using religiously, and I think it’s super! Firstly it creates a lovely thick soapy froth that you can work right into the root of the hairs. Other products get pushed around the face too easily, but this foam cling to the hairs which means it can work its magic.
It’s scent is fairly neutral and clean, which means it won’t be fighting with the other fragrances in your grooming regime. It softens the hairs and ensures manageability, meaning that a super trim beard is literally just around the corner! The softness though, is the best selling point, it has made a huge difference, creating a sleeker and more modern feel.
This is more than just a Beard Thang… This is THE Beard Thang.

The beard wash is just one of a really great range of products, but for me it is the starting block of beard maintenance. Maybe you are thinking to yourself: Do I really need another step in my grooming regime? But for me this has taken my facial grooming from the amateur to the professional, in one easy step. You will notice the difference immediately after using this product and the more you use it, the greater the pay off!

A review of their beard oils will also be coming soon, and if this product is anything to go by, they are going to be fantastic!

The team at Beard Thang have also provided a lovely discount code exclusively for ThatIsBeyond readers. Simply type …. TIB16 in the discount code box to receive 20% off and there is also free delivery!

To get your hands on Beard Thang’s beard wash or to browse the rest of the range, visit their website on:


Products from this range were gifted for the purpose of review but all opinions are solely my own and have not been influenced by any outside party.

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