ThatIsBeyond… “Chatham up” shoes for the man about the town!

There is so much judgement when it comes to shoes. Not only do YOU have to like them, but it seems that every other person in the world does too! Factor in comfort, and suddenly the whole issue becomes a little more complicated! 

Escape Driving Shoes

Chatham shoes are a quality British made shoe company, where style is par for the course. Bang on trend with classic craftsmanship at its core, you can leave the house confident and comfortable, no matter where it is that you are heading!

What makes the comfort factor so different? Well the comfort is developed from two main areas. As with most shoes, the cushioned sole is where the arch support and impact is absorbed. As a heavy footed guy, I have reaped the benefit of this superior cushioning through the sole and found that even very long days in them, are still as comfortable as the first 30 minutes. The second factor is the very suede that the upper is made from. Quality suede that has great colour and a little bit of stretch to it. This “give” in the fabric has ensured that my wide feet remain firmly in place but without being restricted. No blisters or discomfort here, and for me that is the ultimate test of a manly a shoe.

Suede can be a bit of a nightmare to care for. There’s no escaping that it seems to pick up dust, and that rain is not its best friend! But I have found the Chatham suede to fair particularly well despite this. A very soft bristled brush and gentle application (in one direction) has cleared the dust from the most affected toe section, and despite being caught in some light British showers, I haven’t noticed any discolouration or damage from the rain either.

All in all, these truly are quality men’s footwear with the wearer at the very center of the designs. When us guys are in decent footwear our confidence levels boost. So for you single guys out there, these really could be your “Chatham up” shoes! 

Choose quality, choose value, choose style and above all, choose British.

The level of quality that you’re receiving is immense. There is real craftsmanship and design in this footwear. Value is always important and at £59.99, the price is competitive, especially considering the quality of the fabrics and of course the fit.
Style is everything. This classic take on the boater with contrast white stitching, means that this is a super modern twist on a traditional style. Fashion forward and back!
Choose British because we have a grand tradition of amazing footwear and beyond that, with British-made you know you are getting quality.
Let your shoes do the talking for you!
Chatham shoes are available here with a wide selection of styles to suit the modern man’s every need.

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