ThatIsBeyond… A Toasty case for my IPhone!

I have been really excited about trialling the Toast wooden iPhone case. With many wood tones available, and the ability to to personalise this protective layer for your smartphone, I justknew I wanted to give it a try!

I chose a pale wood with darker lettering for my wording and was really excited for it to arrive! 

The first thing I should say, is that this is not a conventional phone case as I was expecting! It’s kind of a flat pack that is not dissimilar to Meccano pieces! You simply apply the pieces to the correct face of your phone, and the adhesive holds them firmly in place.
My concern was whether I could put something on incorrectly and fix it? But of course as firmly as the pieces attach there is also some manoeuvrability if they are placed incorrectly. The pieces fitted perfectly, but do beware that there will be some exposed metal work on each of the corners. (Which is how it should be!)
This not only looks great on the phone, but also added a level of protection to it for all of you who (like me) are a little clumsy!
I love the aesthetic of it. The case is a natural looking element on the face of a modern bit of tech, and that duality really appeals. I also love how special it made my phone feel, to have my blog name featured and also personalise it to my taste.

My only two negatives are that a) I found that pocket lint stuck a little in the corners so bit became a tiny bit fuzzy. B) removing the case was not easy! As I had to have my phone replaced, I tried to remove my toast cover and transfer it to the new phone. (I should stress that I am not sure if you are meant to do this, but I didn’t want to lose my lovely cover) in the removal process I managed to break almost all of the faces of the cover 😦
The value of the cover is in the $35-45 range, which is not a small sum of money. But I do love the way it looked. I just wish that the transfer process wasn’t so damaging to the cover itself. 
I would love to get my laptop a cover like this, but I damage too many phones to spend that sum of money on another case.
This is however a fantastic little product that I think would make a lovely gift for the man or woman who has everything!
Click Here to visit their website


Please note that some items have been gifted for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by any third party.

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