ThatIsBeyond… The Bulletproof Boxer Brief Test featuring HOM Underwear.

In this post I put the iconic HO1 Original Long Boxer briefs to the ultimate test!

There are many ways to judge a good pair of pants! For some people,what is important, is based purely on aesthetics. For others it will be comfort or functionality, but for the majority of men (like me) it is a combination of both!

As a bigger guy, my look will never be the Adonis-like figure featured on underwear packaging, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look good in my chosen undergarments! To that end I have decided to put luxury underwear brand HOM under the spotlight, and give their original long boxer briefs a set of tests that will separate the men from the boys!! 

Let me introduce the ThatIsBeyond Bulletproof Boxer Brief Test! 5 key categories that I feel test underwear to the MAX…

The comfort test, The everyday test, The sexy test, The travel test and last but by no means least The wedding test!

So without further ado…

The comfort test- To start with, the fabric. A super soft blend of ultra-comfortable modal cotton, that allows movement, but also holds everything in place. The cut offers support and sits nicely at the waist. Being a guy with a tummy, I found the waistband to be particularly good, causing no irritation at all. Do they ride up? The answer is… A little bit, nothing major but with a £29 pair of pants, you need to be aware. In conclusion these are extremely comfortable but also wearable for any shape or size, creating a sexy silhouette for us guys!

The everyday test – Firstly, yes you could have these as an everyday underwear choice. The comfort factor is high and they wash really well, remaining super soft (after the initial few washes at least) They provide your whole package with enough support, without being at all restrictive. HOM feature a horizontal fly which is a little different to other brands and some would say that this makes them “easy access”! If that is what your looking for from your undies, why not?! One of my pet hates with boxer briefs is when the waistband folds over… It think it might be to do with my sizeable stomach, and it may not be the case for skinnier guys, but for me it drives me mental! Luckily enough, the waistband has held strong!

The sexy test – With the plethora of colours and designs available on the market, it can get forgotten how good a plain black, navy, white or grey pair of underwear can look. Whilst this is a basic design aesthetically, the cut and choice of fabric make this range look fantastic on the body (even on me!) The thing about underwear is, that if you feel sexy in them, it affects the way that you project yourself to the world. In short these make me feel sexy, so maybe just maybe it will show in my confidence.

Do they look good on the models? Sure
Do the ladies (in this case my wife) like them? Sure

So on the sexy stakes they are punching well above their weight!

The travel test – Travel is a true test of what is beneath a guys trousers! The lugging of heavy bags (and babies and car seats and pushchairs etc) the constant changes of temperature and the lengthy time it takes to travel, all contribute to a hard day’s work for your underwear. So how did they do? I put them to a test on a short break to Sweden!

They performed admirably, actually. I can’t say I noticed any discomfort or issues over a long stressful day of travelling, which to me means they passed the test with flying colours! What more can I say?

The wedding test – Another peeve with boxer briefs, is that they can sometimes look and feel ridiculous below formalwear. Unless the fit is impeccable, they ride up creating lumps and bumps, which means a lot of readjusting is necessary. I wore these for a good 18 hour day and experienced none of these issues. In fact whilst it was extremely hot, my man parts stayed dry and comfortable throughout. This included several hours of dancing like a musical theatre maniac, and performing on stage. (That is quite the test!) 

 So all in all, and in summary (if you will) these are top notch, fashionable underwear choices for the everyman, which feature great design. This ensures a comfortable fit, manoeuvrability and support, as well as looking pretty good on… Even on me! In short try them for yourselves – you never know, you might even like them! Take it from the guy feeling a little more sexy, sat on a hot tube in rush hour… 

 See the full range (From G string to Long Johns) from HOM here.


 Some products have gifted for the purpose of review, but all opinions remain my own and have not been influenced by any third party.

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