ThisIsBeyond… A Saturday morning’s loungewear

Today I choose to be comfortable.

This Dad is battling his son to eat that last bite of porridge! He’s looking after his Bunny whilst he fixes the car crash that happened around his tiny toes and Dad and mum are also trying to juggle their cups of decaf Coffee and Tea respectively!!

When your parenting, sometimes the most important thing is to be comfortable and supported and that is why this morning @boxmenswear , I choose you.

Being more of a brief man in everyday life, I picked out some of these boxerbriefs, mainly because all of the reviews had talked about the comfort factor that they provide. The classic black style but with a contemporary bold logo on the left leg, makes this a super nice blend for the modern man who also likes the classics.

Their slightly longer cut makes them great loungewear (the neighbours walking past the kitchen window really don’t need to see me in something skippy!) and the fabric is soooooo soft. It has a blend of 92% cotton and 8% spandex which means there is a lot of manoeuvrability without bunching in the crotch! (Which let’s face it, is never pleasant!). The support for your junk is really good, which means that a dad on the move, can be at his very best all of the time. No readjustment necessary!

The waist band is also a nice feature with its shiny finish contrasting the matt of the fabric and the BOX branding over the right hip.

All in all, a fantastic product that looks great (even on me) and has that Dad comfort-factor that we all know we need!

I have also just seen some new pastel colours, available for pre-order now or if your whole underwear drawer could do with a spruce up, then there is a Bundle for you (which will save you a few quid too – probably enough to treat the family to a little something).

Check out the website below and tell them that ThatIsBeyond sent ya!


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