ThatIsBeyond… Let’s Talk Below The Belt.

The internet has been all abuzz with with men’s brand Below The Belt.

With all the hype, I just needed to try the products out for myself. I popped to my local Boots ands tried to get my hands on some, but to no avail. A second store ended in the same result (and by this time in 30 degree heat my balls really NEEDED to get some!). Luckily at my third attempt (only a short drive away) I found the ‘Fresh and Dry Balls’ & the ‘Instant Clean Balls’. So I scooped them up into my basket and headed straight for the check out!

Let’s face it, if this spell of hot weather has taught us blokes nothing else, it has taught us how sticky and chaffing our balls can get. #word.

If I’m honest, it’s not something about myself that I particularly wanted to know more about… but I must say that the relief that this product gave was palpable!

I bought both products in the ‘Fresh scent’ as that was what was available, but I really wanted the ‘Active Scent’. On the Below The Belt Website there are four fantastic fragrances to choose from and the active one tickled my fancy! That said the F&DB product smells good (in fresh) and couldn’t be any simpler to apply:

How: squeeze a penny sized amount into your palm. Rub gently around your crotch. The moisturising gel is rapidly absorbed, drying to a silky fine layer.

Now, one word of warning ⚠️

For my first application, I did my thing, following the instructions, and straight away pulled up my @boxmenswear black briefs and went about my day. A few hours later I need to use the bathroom and upon unzipping my flies, I could see something rather unsavoury looking on my underwear.

Fear not it was simply a few white marks on the underwear (which came out in the wash) but given the right circumstances, this could have been a little awkward!!!

To that end my recommendation is to shower, then coat balls, then let it dry before putting your favourite boxers on.

The instant clean balls, is essentially a ‘ball and crotch freshener’ and it’s super comfortable to wear. A application is cooling and freshening below the belt and keeps you fresh and clean all day long. Perfect for the festival circuit and for a little spruce before a date, this is a product that I think most blokes would have a use for. (Before a date we want everything fresh down there so that nothing is getting in our way)!

Each product was less than six pounds, which I think is a fantastic price point, and there is no danger of the stinging willy that you can sometimes get by squirting deodorant down your pants!

Below the belt grooming is all about focussing on a simple issue, which all of us blokes suffer with (no doubt) and coming up with a simple and effective solution, that also doesn’t need to break the bank.

The purchase of both products also donated 20p each to Prostate cancer U.K. which is also a fantastic cause. So why not try it out for yourself by visiting

I have also picked up the sports lubricant and will be testing it’s anti-chafing abilities when I start upping my marathon training.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I am also, always happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Keeping it cool, below the belt.


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