ThatIsBeyond… A Taste for Change.

As I get older, it becomes abudently clear that my tastes are constantly changing and developing. Just a few years ago, I could not tolerate drinking white wine… whatsoever. But recently I found myself buying a lovely little Riesling, and found myself thinking “when did that happen?”

As time goes on your preferences may be informed by fashions or current trends but your choices are based on what you as an individual like, rather than what the rest of the pack do! I guess you get to know who you are, and your tastes will reflect that, in essence.

As a self-proclaimed bigger guy, I have spent a lot of my life wanting to be able to access fashion, but have been sized out, season after season. There are definitely many more options for the “bigger guy” on the local high street, but it can be a minefield trying to develop your personal style with the limited high street ranges that venture up the sizing scale.

Since dropping down in size, there have definitely been more options available to me, and I am finding that I can express my personal style, confidently. The problem is, that for many others guys with a bigger build, the options are extremely limited. Less choice means that the natural process of development just cannot happen because the options are not available.

I have always been a beer guy, In fact I love beer. But as I have got older I have wanted a bit more variety. Who knew when I first started drinking that I would ever choose a Gin and Tonic? Or opt for a Merlot over a Guinness? Through this exploration, I have developed my palette, and now I get enjoyment from many, MANY alcoholic beverages!! (with the exception of Sambucca – ThatIsBeyond… RANK!).

But what if the same could be said for fashion for the broad, tall and portly? Would we feel better about ourselves if we weren’t boxed into a wardrobe of basic-wear? If we could buy jeans on the high street that weren’t skinny, super skinny, extra super skinny, so skinny I can’t fit my arm in the leg hole skinny… would we have a more diverse sense of self.

Where women’s fashion has led, men’s fashion must follow. We need more variety in our sizes, and we must not be confined into the realms of sportswear. I want to see the high street offering fuller sizes in well cut gear, and offering more options to the large proportion of men who do not fit the skinny jean mould.

We want to sip our bourbon, have an ale, and hell, sometimes we want a glass of rosé instead. But as my picture shows… not all things change, I may be the only person in the world who eats pick and mix with my wine??? But that’s my choice and one that has developed years of discovery… but I ALWAYS go back to the Pick and Mix!

The thing with pick and mix is, that you can only pick and/or mix if the options are available to choose from. This is an analogy that I hope the high street can learn from.


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