As we approach the end of the season, it’s finally time to look back on the swim shorts that have punctuated this glorious summer!

I’m not afraid to admit that my swimwear game has been very strong in 2018. I have experimented with pattern colour and of course style – and along the way I have discovered some amazing pairs which will become part of a more permanent collection!

So what brands have really done it for me this summer? Well… I think you might be surprised about some of them, because they are not necessarily brands that are synonymous with swimwear! So here a little SHORTlist of SwimSHORTS (geddit?!)


HOM are one of my absolute favourite underwear brands, the cut and the quality of the material, knocks their ranges out of the park season after season. I was therefore so excited to see that they had released some pairs of trunks ready for the heatwave.

There was no way that I could not try this bright blue pair with neon florals. A “big guy” balances a very fine line with florals, but I found that the ratio of pattern to base colour was perfection, and ensured that this stylish beachwear didn’t look clown’ey on my ample figure!

How can you not feel summery in these? They are really quick to dry and the mid length cut, means that there is a bit of room to run around in or play beach volleyball in (if that’s your sort of thing!) They are priced at £45.

And I should say that these are really excellent quality and so stylish ,that they will last season after season.

H & M

What I really love about this pair. is the cut. They are very 2018 (no doubt the sort of shorts you’ve seen in reality tv shows like Towie or Love Island) the short, sporty line is pretty flattering for most body types and the pipework around the edges, keeps the style luxe and well finished. They are also the cheapest of the round- up at just £12, but I suspect, that you wouldn’t suspect the tiny price tag! The material is not my favourite texture (it’s sort of parachute-ey) but the camouflage pattern more than makes up for it, leaving these stylish swimmers looking great on the beach or ont’ telly!


This sporty pair are tip top quality and on trend for this season (as well as being classic cut to see you through the summers of years to come). I love the bright orange colour and the black sporty stripes on the side. Invisible zips on the pockets make these super practical for a trip to the beach and they ease perfectly from the sand to the bar!

These are super comfortable to wear and look great on. A mid-length is going to suit most guys and the cut is flattering to a fuller leg (like mine).

I LOVE these swim shorts, so there is now way that you will prize them away from me!! Jockey have used all of the underwear technology to create a really strong product that looks good and feels great.


Not technically a swim short… more a swim brief (or speedo if you will!) but I had to mention these as they are a fun,bright and jazzy design (called Digital Rain – Magenta).

This cut of brief is not a natural choice for a bigger guy, but sometimes you want to catch some proper rays in the garden (where no one is looking) and these do the job excellently. Yes, these are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea… but I like ‘em #judgemeifyouwant

On top of that, oddballs invests money into its charitable cause The Oddball foundation, which aims to raise awareness about testicular cancer around the world. Their underwear, “obble hats” & swimwear all helps this mission so every purchase makes a difference.

So as you can see this summer has been filled with amazing swimwear that offers style longevity.

What have you been wearing this summer?

What brands should also have made this list?


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