This post is a kneejerk reaction. No doubt it will generate its own comment feed of hate, but I have OFFICIALLY had enough.

Internet trolling is now so prevalent that I think it’s a cultural issue that needs to be nipped in the bud. Often the younger generations get the blame, but not being comfortable in your own skin affects all generations and judgements are made by one and all. In short, people with their own issues will always try to pull others down whether they are 16 or 60.

I should preface what I am about to write by saying that choosing to put anything online, means you are opening the door to those ugly trolls (and if you are going to put yourself out there, then know that this is almost certainly going to happen). But come on, self-expression shouldn’t be hindered by others – it’s simple, unless you have something nice to say,


This morning I was checking one of my Instagram feeds and I saw a post from a brand that I have reviewed in the past, called BOX MENSWEAR. (For the record, really good quality underwear that is long lasting and very supportive).

What struck me about the picture was that the model who had submitted the picture was a “normal” good-looking chap (I hate using the word normal. He is simply a guy without a rippling six pack who had purchased some excellent new undergarments and felt amazing in them) and has been trolled for not having the Greek Adonis physique. But worse than this – it is by multiple people who feel that his image should not have graced their feeds.

Click here for link to image

What A World We Live In.

Luckily we have brands like BOX Menswear who stand up to this bullying, but could more be done?

Almost certainly it could be. I for one would like to see some variety of body shape in their campaigns. I would also like to see their online competitions to find models, to feature a wider spectrum of people and a better representation of the diverse society that we in fact live in.

Box Menswear at least did something about these unpleasant comments.

Unfortunately it won’t be enough to stop future incidents – maybe the only way to stop these waste of space comments is for everyone to not engage with them.

In support of positive body image of any shape size or colour, I have added my own @boxmenswear pic to the fray and if I get trolled, then so be it.

I’m starting the hashtag:


Let’s show these trolls what a real people look like! (And please note that you can support this and still have the body of a god… we are all different after all).

I always love your comments, likes and shares. But with a post like this, the more we spread the word, the more change we can affect… so please press that share button to cascade this message far and wide.


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