ThatIsBeyond… What’s new on the Men-ü?

Well it’s a new year, and that means a whole host of new products to get trying! And top of the this January is this Citrus and mint shower gel from the Men’s skincare experts at Men-U.

This Ultra-concentrated liquid is really quite clever, it’s a viscous formulation that actually feels sticky to the touch and therefore seems to cling much more effectively to the skin – which in turn means less wastage through your fingers and down the plug hole 🕳 !

There are several moisturising elements within the formulation, which make sure that the skin isn’t left feeling dried out and has really helped with conditioning which can be tough in the winter months with out sometimes abrasive weather conditions.

With less packaging, MEN-U are putting the environment in mind. Alongside the experience of using this product, anyone familiar with this brand will know that they are known for miniature tubes with huge results – their tiny clay mask for example is a triumph. This is not “mini “ in the sense that their previous products are but this is also not a full size like other brands. A perfect bottle to compliment your gym bag grooming regimen.

For me the best asset of this product is the fragrance. It’s Long-lasting and smells like a proper Mojito! I was actually concerned that this might end up smelling a little feminine, but the mint brings a depth of fragrance that lingers throughout the day, whilst the citrus fades into softer note – which I think makes this the perfect masculine scent.

In summary, this is a brand that is doing all of the right things – tailoring to the modern man and also tackling wastage, which is something that we should all be aware of. It smells good, it’s effective, and it’s improving the shower experience. At £8.95 it’s not the cheapest product on the market, but remember that the 100ml bottle will last for 4-6 weeks (because of its ultra-concentrated formula) and their 500ml version (£26.85) is 6 months worth of your daily showers!

Click Here for the Men-U website


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