ThatIsBeyond… BeautyPie Skincare so good, that you can share it with your wife!

My wife has been raving about her new skincare regime. So much so, that I thought I had better try it for myself. With the shift work that I do, it had to be easy to stick to, and I NEED to see results quickly or I often get bored!

Three quarters of the products that I have introduced are from BEAUTY PIE a membership scheme which gives you access to quality high-end formulations for a fraction of what the retail price would be.

You simply sign up for a monthly sum (£5, £10 or £20) and this gives you access to a set amount of the retail value. (Think Costco, where you pay your annual membership to get your hands on cheaply priced goods)

Each item is marked with a “retail value” which is what your allowance is in reference to, and the heavily discounted price that you as a member needs to pay, to get your hands on it!

What you are getting is quality ingredients and formulations for a massive discount, which makes these high end products totally affordable. And any allowance that you don’t use will carry over to the next month!

Now, let me tell you about the skincare…

I’ve got a tough face to please. Combination skin which has peaks of extreme dryness and oiliness! Prone to blemishes and tired, tired eyes with large dark circles!! So we have introduced a 4 step programme for dads looking for decidedly better skin!

Stage one is the Japanfusion pure transforming Cleanser. First off, it comes in a pink tube (shock/horror/gasp!?!) but when you get over the packaging this is a really nifty product that really helps clean out the pores and rid your skin of the muck and grime that causes those irritating impurities. It squeezes from the bottle as a solid cream but as you apply it, it breaks down into a more oily consistency and works deep into the top layers. Once full coverage of face and neck is achieved then you add warm water to the mix and it takes on a milk like consistency and pulls all of the impurities with it. The scent is not overly feminine and just smells clean and fresh – but the formulation is what makes this product something pretty special and easy to use.

A Beatypie product:

Value: £25

Paid: £5.84

Stage Two is The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics Serum

The Ordinary is a company that has only just been brought into my consciousness, again to it’s no frills approach to skincare and the value for money that their products offer.

I was dubious as to why I needed a serum – it seemed like an unnecessary step ahead of a moisturiser, but this serum serves an important process and takes literally seconds to apply!

A serum penetrates the skin deeper than a moisturiser and prepares it to get the most out of the skincare stages that follow.

This little glass bottle is less than £6 and comes with a pippette to apply. Half a measure covers my massive face with a good coating of this serum – just apply directly onto the face and work into the skin with your finger… it couldn’t be simpler.

£5.90 for 30ml

Stage Three is the QI Energy ginseng root and ginger brightening eye fix.

Of all of these products, this is my favourite. (Evidently the subscribers to BeautyPie are in agreement as this product is currently Out Of Stock!) This cream and a good night’s sleep literally changed overnight how prominent my dark circles were. They are lightened and brightened and I honestly feel like a new man. The circles have become an unwanted feature on my face and to get some sleep and also look better was a #dadstylemiracle

The formulation has a mild tingle to it which you can feel working into the under eye area. You only need a very small amount (so don’t be surprised by the tiny tub) and you gently apply and part into the affected softer skin around the eyes. Bish Bash Bosh. Job done.

BeautyPie item number two:

Value: £40

Paid: £8.27

Stage Four (the last hurrah) is the Jeju overnight moisture superinfusion. An intensely nourishing moisturiser that gets to work bringing life back into the skin, plumping it up and creating a natural glow.

To apply, simply use your fingers to work into the face and neck. And leave to sink in overnight.

The final BeautyPie product:

Value: £70

Paid: £9.01

This routine takes less than 5 minutes to complete and whilst my skin is by no means perfect, it is much improved. And at the end of the day, if I feel better about myself, then this dad thinks this may be a huge success.

So what have I learned?

That there’s no shame in sharing your wife’s skincare! In fact, I may just join BeautyPie myself, so she can share MY Skincare 😂

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