With all of the trials and tribulations of Marathon training I had to take some time to explore the right underwear to protect my tackle on the big day!

Style, fabric, anti-chafe and airiness are all factors that needed to be considered, when committing to the pants that I will be wearing for the 26.2 miles… and a little bit of sports technology didn’t go amiss either!

I had lowered the options down to briefs, a jock or compression shorts, and was really looking for an option that would resist chafing for the longest, when I saw these delightful trunks and thought I’d give them a go in training…

This underwear line is dedicated to the sportsmen (professional or ameteur) who are embarking on their next sporting challenge. (Or for those who like to wear a super well-fitting bright and bold pair of underwear on a daily basis!)

The first thing that attracted me to them was the bright colour and then I dug a bit deeper and discovered that they were made in a stretch, micro-aerated fabric which (to you and I) means that they a super comfortable and airy down there (which trust me is a great thing)!

The Cross collection from European underwear experts HOM is inspired by professional basketball and features a traditional sports style with fluorescent details on the seams and inside the waistband.

They are essentially a mesh, but nothing too translucent and your modesty is absolutely kept in tact! But this mesh allows decent airflow, a good amount of stretch and I have found that they stay pretty firmly in place without riding uncomfortably up whilst you are trying for a PB.

The ones that I have are a Neon Orange, but they are also available in navy, green, blue and black.

These trunks in polyamide elastane were designed for athletes and will accompany you in your best performances. And make sure that you stay comfortable throughout. The support is really good, and the fabric means you get it without the unnecessary heat that a compression short causes.

So far I have “tackled” two half marathons in these nifty trunks, and they have treated me right! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this active underwear range for anyone needing to tackle keeping their tackle safe and sound!

I think they are GREAT! So if you want to get your hands on a pair, simply visit www.hom.com


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