Underwear is a very functional item of clothing. You could be forgiven for putting little or no thought into your choice or undergarments – but actually there is a lot more that they offer. One of the appeals of my underwear, is how I feel when I am wearing them – and so that is why I tend to be quite picky about my choices!

I can’t escape the fact that I will most likely never look like an underwear model – and that’s ok, but if I feel amazing in my underwear does it really matter? My minimally clad body is unlikely to earn many Instagram likes or sexy comments, but actually that’s not why I put my image out there anyway. For me it is actually about projecting how I feel in my underwear and to also show the world that “this is who I am” I am not disgusting because I have a some fat on my body, nor am I unusual, in fact men like me have been crying out for our representation, because whilst muscly guys and six packs are certainly how the media depicts Male perfection, for others, the person behind the muscles (or the beer belly for that matter) is much more important.

Personality sells and inner confidence sells too. It’s what’s inside the box that counts… so to speak!

Inside the box that arrived in the post was my order of @boxmenswear and I was really pleased, because I have tried their pants before, and had been really impressed with both the fit and the style – but more importantly I felt good wearing them.

I have chosen briefs in Peach, Pink and Red, and also the box feature fit boxerbriefs in logo’d white. Generally a briefs guy, I liked the look of the Feature fit and wondered how they would look, when they were on my frame?!

When I photograph’d them I wasn’t happy with the pictures, I got too focussed on my physical attributes and not how I felt in my new underwear. That’s the problem sometimes with instagram, you can only see what’s on the surface.

So I post them here knowing that I don’t love how I look, I know that a lot of people will wonder why I post them when I’m not getting thousands of likes and I’m certainly not getting paid for it. But I like how they look and feel. And we should see more body shapes out there – ones that reflect society as a whole.

With BOX you are getting underwear that will make you look AND feel great no matter what your size. They make the most of your manly assets and offer comfort and support. So why not try them out for yourself and maybe, you too, will like what’s inside the box…

Visit http://www.boxmenswear.co.uk

There’s currently an maxing sale on at the moment so you can get all of your favourites, from boxer-briefs to jockstraps from £5.49 per pair.

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