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My regular readers will not be surprised that a large number of products were packed for my 10 day holiday to Gran Canaria! I like to be prepared for every eventuality, but it’s also just habit! When I unpacked it all I realised I had packed 10 sample size aftershaves and 4 full sizes (I need to get help, I know).

On the plus side, this means that I have been able to really trial some new products and put them to the test! So here are some of the gems I have discovered:

Pepto Bismol Realness!

GlamGlow Gravity Mud

So let’s jump directly in at the proverbial deep end! Stay with me here folks!

You’re going to have to ignore the fact that this mask is exactly the colour of Pepto Bismol! And is a sticky viscous liquid, because in honesty the neon hue and the potential mess when applying it, are the only negatives! (Link to the Non-pink version on the title)

In 25 minutes after application, my face was rejuvenated, soft and the skin was full of life. There was a real brightening effect and best of all I felt that my skin was clean and clear.

Now this is not a brand that is marked to almost 40 year old dads, if they did the pink would be the first bit to go! But I have to say I would definitely purchase this again – this was the perfect start to my holiday and my complexion has remained on fleek throughout.

A “razor cut” above the rest

Lab series shave cream

Disclaimer needed – I have not used this shave cream with a shaving brush (as it was not a priority to travel with one) and therefore I can’t comment on lathering or how this works with a technical shave.

But I will say this, it’s is as good as my Holy Grail shave cream the Supreme Cream Road Warrior by Get Jack Black.

This has an amazing viscosity and sticks nicely on the skin surface to lubricate the entire shave experience.

It also feels moisturising instead of drying, which is great when you are already agitating the skin with the blade itself.

Overall a deluxe shave experience and a brand that I want to explore some more!

Three is not a crowd!

Tropic Skincare Discovery Kit

Tropic is a brand that I have tried several products from, and they never disappoint (I do have a connection for this brand, so if you’re interested pop me a DM on Instagram (@thatisbeyond) and I’ll happily put you in contact with them).

I recently purchased their Skincare Discovery Kit and it is the perfect holiday/vacation skincare set that takes care of your every need.

The Tropic Smoothing Cleanser is a silky coverage and leaves the skin dirt-free and unclogged. It’s a rich experience that works perfectly with their bamboo face cloth. Ingredients include Green Tea extract, jojoba & eucalyptus leaf oils – which combine to create the most amazing scent.

Next the Tropic Vitamin Toner, a spray formulation with Aloe Vera, and Vitamins C & B5, which gives a light and refreshing sensation and compliments the cleanser too.

Thirdly, the Tropic Skin Feast is a nourishing cream concentrate that smells like heaven and moisturises deep, you only need a little and the job is done!

No longer a Monster from the Blue Lagoon.

Along the same lines I have also been using the Tropic Pure Lagoon blemish prevention serum. This blue liquid smells fruity and tackles blemishes quick smart! Am seriously considering buying the full size.

I’ll fix your Face!

Altr for Men face fix

I am not someone who uses make up on the regular – I’m more of a #takemeasiam sorta guy. But I have found this concealer to be really good at brightening dark circles and evening out the skin tone. And if a a product makes you feel better about yourself then what is the harm?

It’s a light oil based formula that blends nicely and sits I obviously on the skin. Great for those little areas that need tweaking before a photo session or a night out!

Grooming Kit for looking fit.

Ted Baker Grooming Kit

I bought this amazing man care set, as part of a Tedbaker Gift set (on sale) after Christmas. I love it. A hard cased, lined set of three tools to keep those nails in check and unwanted facial hairs managed in seconds.

The set includes a slanted tweezer, a gunmetal nail clipper and an emery board. What more could you need? I was expecting the quality to be less than stellar based on it being part of a “novelty” set – but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Clearly Ted Baker still values quality at whatever price point.

So why not check out the Ted Baker Grooming Page to see what else they have.

So there you go!

This has been my Vacation holiday go to products. And I couldn’t have been more pleased with my choices!

Check the links if any of them are of interest to you.

Take care.


All opinions are my own and I have not received any incentives for any of the products reviewed in this post. Links to websites are not sponsored and should you require removal of any link please email to request this.


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