ThatIsBeyond… Blanc menswear swim briefs

This holiday I decided I was going to brave a swim brief each and EVERY day. Let’s face it, in the UK we have little reason to wear one as the weather is generally so poor, but with optimum tanning weather throughout my vacay, I decided to break out the collection and live my best @the_speed_oh_movement life.

I bought this belted swim brief whilst I was on Vacation.

I had a fairly decent collection by most people’s standards, but I also wanted to trial a couple of new ones that I had seen online.

Immediately the designs and cut of the Blanc Menswear collection stood out. I had tried their original line of undies back in the day and they had fit nicely, and their recent lines looked excellent on the models, but I had to ask myself did I have enough junk to fill them?

Have you seen their site? It frankly intimidating at times!

This image is property of the Blanc Menswear website. All rights belong to them.

The enhance briefs cut was certainly eccentuating, but there was a part of me that thought they would not be for someone like me (by that I mean a normal sized penis).

The sale got the better of me though, and I tried the briefs. Low and behold they felt amazing on and didn’t look half bad either! And no they weren’t miracle workers – my D remained exactly the same size as normal. But the way that they are cut, made the most of what I have!

So with that in mind, I had to try the swim briefs. The designs were nice – nothing too outta the box, but on trend and very Summery. So I picked three pairs a plain dusky pink with a bit of a shine to it, a pink and white stripe with some festive pineapples on them, and my favourite the pastel green watermelon brief… and I am so glad I did!

Note the sizing is ever so slightly bigger than standard sizing. I wear a medium as standard and occasionally a large. I could have got away with a small in these in terms of waist size, but for the booty a medium fit perfectly.

The quality is excellent, a decent drawstring, well-finished edges and a colour combo that pop. So much thought has gone into the placement of the fruit too,this isn’t just a bolt of fabric with loads of pairs cut out, the design has been placed very specifically.

The fit is great. There is a natural hang from the give in the fabric, which creates a natural shape and aids with a bit of a push up. I honestly felt amazing wearing them, and my worries about not measuring up seem silly in hindsight, because they actually look like they were made for me!

So listen, if you are a fella who has been blessed in the Speedo department, go ahead and live your best life, I know I would! But for those of us who aren’t so large, these swim briefs are as equally for you too. Just because all of the marketing is focussed on a huge member, doesn’t mean we will feel any less of a man wearing them.

Treat yourself. And live your best, body-confident life.


No product or incentive was received for this post. Al opinions are my own and are in no way associated or influenced by the featured brand.

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