Where classic and modern style meet.

As an underwear fan, I am also on the look out for the “next big thing” to hit the market. For me, my underwear is a statement and part of the way that I feel good about myself. You really should dress from the underwear outwards!

Recently though, I have noticed that there is a wide gap in the market for a brand that can navigate between the “sex forward-facing” underwear and underwear that has no imagination. Underwear to me is about feeing sexy, not always about outwardly displaying the sexy!

Too many brands create a product range that is a carbon copy basic fit, in a similar colour story to the next and and the one next to that too! And really, this is part of the reason I haven’t worked with many brands recently, I just haven’t seen the scope of development that I am looking to see.

The more exciting brands to me, have really tackled fit and comfort at a design level and bucked the trends, instead focussing on the experience and aesthetic of the underwear.

When I first spotted @bealphx on my IG feed, there was instantly something striking about the fit. The classic colour story of Midnight Black and Frost White harked back to the unmistakeable Calvin Klein aesthetic, but there was also a freshness to the Glacier Blue, Moss Green and Maritime Navy, where the fit and colour story reads modern and fresh. It struck me immediately that this was a brand for many body types and for the every man.

The briefs in particular create a structured fit that give a sleek shape, but stays clear of being too explicit. The inherent sexiness is not about a pouched front, but instead all about the fit – and there is no doubt that I feel sexy in them.

The thing about great pants is, they change the way a man holds himself, they give him a boost in confidence that can impact his whole presentation of himself and build an inner confidence. And that Is what I get from Alph X.

Waist bands are the bane of many men’s lives! Unless your stomach is completely flat (which mine certainly isn’t!) then you’ve likely experienced the waist band curl and fold that makes you focus on all the negatives… but not with these! Wearing them really is an experience. It’s a sleek and subtle design, with the Alph X logo in a matt stitching within a glossier finish for the rest of the band.

This is style.

Quality fabrics are used throughout and before completing this review I wanted to ensure the washing machine test – I can safely attest to the shape remaining after washing them multiple times!

Amongst the current range are also some sickening union pants which serve all of the sexiness of the briefs with comfort and function also at the forefront. A Stylish double button feature on the front and a fit that is perfect These have been an absolute gamechanger tbh – perfect loungewear but also look good (even if I do say so myself 😂😂😂)

If you are all about the fit, why not try them for yourselves?!


I am pleased to have discovered a new quality brand that has gone back to basics with a modern twist. A focus on fit that puts the man at the centre of his underwear choice and shows us that a bulgey pouch is not all that underwear is about!

ThatIsBeyond… It’s about the man in the briefs AND the briefs on the Man.

The items features in this post were gifted for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by any outside source.



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