Speed – Oh no you didn’t?!

During lockdown I was determined to be creative. Between the loss of my dream job and constant fear of never again being able to find eggs, there was plenty of time to fill and creativity was my main focus.

I painted by numbers, turned some shelves into a bar, built robots out of cereal packets, and wrote like my life depended on it. It was undoubtedly one of the most creative times in my life.

I had been in contact with Cody from @the_speed_oh_movement about whether or not it was easy to make a swim brief… and he was totally supportive. They tend to be fairly small afterall – I Thought how hard could it be?

Amazon provided the fabric, cord and aglets whilst a pair of briefs that had got caught in the washing machine, provided the base of my pattern pieces. I have made costumes for theatre in my time, but I had never made anything that would be worn in public – gulp!

I took apart the briefs and worked out which pieces needed to go where. I watched You Tube tutorials and despaired at the lack of equipment I had to make my new swimwear!

There were many stumbles; dodgy stitching, fit issues, pin-pricked fingers to name a few! But on I went.

What I wanted was my own creative design. A one of a kind that was made by my own hand – this wasn’t just any speedo, I wanted people to remark “That Is Beyond A Speedo!”

Design No1.

The speedo that I produced is this one right here. It isn’t perfect, but I bloody made it from scratch!

I learned from my mistakes. I tweaked the design and adapted the shape to better fit me.

When I had finished I stood back and realised that yes, I had made a proper swim brief (with lining as well).

Being in charge of your style is really important. Your clothes, from your underwear to your overcoat can show your personality. For me, wearing something that I have made let’s me show the world who I am!

Design No2.

My pal Cody promotes a ton of amazing independent brands through his site


But in addition to that he also designs and creates his own brand of Speed-Ohs which are the epitome of his fun and sparkly personality.

One of the most ingenious moves that Cody has made, has been to bring in some customisable options to his super popular “The Kraken” swimsuit.

What’s your colour story?

You can choose matte or metallic fabrics as well as a white or black kraken on them!

Take ownership of your beach wear and wear the Kraken on your booty with pride!

My choice? Well I’m glad that you asked 😉

I would choose the Royal Purple matt with the white Kraken AND. The metallic dark grey with the black Kraken.

Let me know in the comments which customisations you would choose! And more importantly join the Speed-oh community and show it some love!


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