Thatisbeyond… A game changer!

It is my belief that any product can be added to your grooming routine, but what is much more special is a product that literally changes the way that you groom. Since I have embarked on this journey of reviews and trialling new products, I have come across loads of products that I like: and […]

Thatisbeyond…welcome to my holiday grooming capsule

Welcome to my ‘Holiday Grooming Capsule!’ This gives you an idea of what I was going to take with me on my trip to Malta, and the pitfalls of customs and unclear signage! Let’s start with fragrance… 2 x Givenchy Gentlemen only samples 1 x Pecksniff’s England. Men’s CLASSIC 10ml Both of these made the […]

Thatisbeyond… A Feelunique Sale

So…I was led to the feel unique sale, and I ordered a few things to add to my collection. This is my first impressions of feel unique and the products that I bought! I had never heard of joe grooming, but I was attracted to the simple nature of the products and that they seemed […]