Thatisbeyond… A Feelunique Sale

So…I was led to the feel unique sale, and I ordered a few things to add to my collection. This is my first impressions of feel unique and the products that I bought!

I had never heard of joe grooming, but I was attracted to the simple nature of the products and that they seemed to combat age old problems with conventional haircare. With the 50ml grooming cream – I liked the concept of a nourishing cream that enabled style to be achieved from wet hair without it being too… Producty! (I have such a way with words).
In the case of the 250ml hairspray – it was the “variable hold” angle that was most interesting to me, again the idea of not needing to use too much product, and that the product is not too evident in the style.

I have reviewed American Crew haircare before, but I had not come across their fragrance. (Tbh the last thing that I needed was another fragrance!) but I was intrigued to know what it was like this 50ml is perfect for travel and my initial reaction to the aroma is that it is indeed a classic fragrance with a modern twist. Clean, masculine & herbal I don’t think there’s much to dislike.

Last but not least, the Montagne jeunesse for men 6 pack of face masks:

2x deep pore cleansing masque – Dead Sea salt enriched
2x tired skin reviving masque – Dead Sea minerals enriched
1x detox & de-grease masque – ginseng and red grape
1x no mess fabric mask – blackhead blitzer

I have just used the black head blitzer and whilst you look like a bit of an idiot for ten minutes, my skin feels amazing. It really is mess free and easy to use and I will be buying more of these real soon. It nice to get a variation of products and these will last a while as you don’t need to use these every day ( or every week even).

So that was my mini haul and of course I will give full reviews of all the products at a later date, but before I round up this blog post I must give you some feedback on feel unique itself!!!!

They are a very easy to use website ( which my serious lack of technical ability is thankful for!) and there is SO MUCH choice, one the sales pages for mens products there were 33 pages!!! The products arrived safely and well packed and really quickly, what more can you ask for? I am a convert and I will be back to see what else feel unique has to offer us male groomers for sure!

Happy Grooming TIB

Joe Grooming Grooming Cream 50ml £2.50

Joe Grooming Hairspray 250ml £4.95

American Crew Classic Fragrance 50ml £8.70

Montagne Jeunesse Men’s Only Cello Pack x6 £4.00

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