Thatisbeyond… A game changer!

It is my belief that any product can be added to your grooming routine, but what is much more special is a product that literally changes the way that you groom.

Since I have embarked on this journey of reviews and trialling new products, I have come across loads of products that I like: and these products have enhanced the grooming experience for me. But only a few that I have come across have made me change the way that I think about grooming and instilled a new culture to my routine! (Not at all wanky)

I want to talk to you about a couple of brands and products – some have been reviewed extensively, others not so much (to my knowledge) but what I think is most important is that in the case of all of them, I knew very little about the products (which meant I didn’t know what to expect from them.) before I bought them.

Let’s talk about joe grooming. This is a brand that I knew less than nothing about. I first came into contact with them on and I liked the look of the brand (a minimalist masculine brand) but also the products seemed to match exactly the issues that I have.
Firstly, I have a dry scalp and excess product does not help the situation.
Secondly, I have mid length straight fine hair that does very little, and does not hold a style without a LOT of product.

What did I want from a hair product… Something that will hold style without weighing down the hair and isn’t going to irritate my scalp (I know, it’s a lot to ask, but it is none the less what I wanted!)

And I have to say this brand delivers. I have two products from their range ( joe grooming hairspray & the joe grooming, grooming cream) these are both great products: the hairspray has variable hold (it allows the hair to move within the style) and has natural UV protection. It is also a liquid formulation (which means you don’t get high of the fumes) and it doesn’t coat the hair like a conventional hairspray does. I love this product, but the game changer is the grooming cream. I literally apply this to my damp hair (straight out of the shower) and that is my hair dealt with for the day. When the hair dries it holds the style, although it still has movement, and leaves the hair in great condition, glossy and nourished, I don’t need any further product. This for me does it all. My hair has become part of my shower routine now, and it has taken the hassle out of it for me. And of course I have my light hairspray to take that style into the evening if I want a bit more coiffed look, I can do this straight from work with no hassle. Score.

The bluebeards revenge, a brand that is all over the blogosphere, and their roll-on deodorant. The make. Abig claim on their packaging “the ultimate deodorant for real men”. (Thems is big words) but I have to agree. Up until this manly package arrived on my doorstep, I hated roll on deodorants! They are sticky and they don’t do much I would be using spray all day as well. ( I am conscious of body odour, obsessively so, so it takes a bloody good product for me to forget about it, and feel sure I won’t be self conscious about my natural aroma!) this is amazing, I barely use my sprays at work at all. It’s not a strong fragrance, but it lasts all day and it is in no way irritating to the skin. In short this product has got balls, and I respect that.
Segwaying on, to balls and something that I respect, please do read my earlier blog post on the packaging of this product, it’s so much more than just packaging.

Lastly, ( and I have done a full review of this product ) opulentia organics’ bergamot and patchouli body oil.

Body oil, not a product that I would ordinarily have used, has changed my routine. It has really helped nourish my skin and aids those prone to dryness areas (knees and elbows) as well as that, there is something about this fragrance that speaks to me, it is fresh and … Healthy??! That’s the best way I can describe it.

I wish this company luck at the free from skin care awards, because they have some great products, (another one that I will be reviewing very soon) and also because they are from Somerset, like me!

So there are my game changers! It has been great being educated by the products, and also the other bloggers out there, I really love reading them and I am thoroughly enjoying this new journey for me.


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