That is beyond the basics of skincare!

My intention last week had been to bring to you a review of samples of some of the men’s products that Lush offer. (Behind the slightly nauseating smell of soap they have a really clever and effective range of products for the modern man, who knew?) Alas the day job has got in the way and after an exhausting week where I have worked a frankly insane number of hours, what I’ve needed is some r&r. So lets have a little chat about all the wrongs I’ve done to my skin, and how you can save yours, from the predicament I have now found myself in…as you can tell I am not at all dramatic!!!!!

How to keep myself awake?? Well obviously coffee and energy drinks, right? I tried it, and yes I won’t deny that the sugary boost of a bottle of lucozade or the caffeine induced hyperactivity achieved with a large latte may work short term, with the appearance of awakeness, but longer term I found both to reap havoc on my sleep cycle and that the positive effect become less noticeable with each use. And to put salt in the wound, add insult to injury, they are both really bad for you and your epidermis. Whether a direct effect of either substance or of the lack of sleep they caused me, I have just had to go to a family wedding wearing my wife’s concealer! I mean I am a metro, but that is just too far beyond, even for me. Water water and more water is what the doctor called for … Tap, still, sparkling even the fruity stuff will do ( although do bear in mind that those flavoured waters are extremely dehydrating) but drink it, lots of it, and in a week you will notice the difference.

Who’s been sleeping in my bed?
Well… Not me so much. No time. But sleep is the best remedy for improved skin, and I am in need of your share too! I’m sure there is a science to it but for me if i go to bed before midnight, eight hours will do. For every hour later than that I need another hour in bed so 1am = 9 hours, 2am =10hours etc.

Now if the spots arrive anyway (and trust me some times they do, even when you are almost 30!) there are products out there ( one of these products is in my lush sample review: to be posted this week!)
But here are some helpful tips
Witch hazel yes
Sulphates no
Moisturise (you know your skin better than me) but on the whole yes
Toothpaste yes…. Sorry but yes if you want the spot to disappear a bit of Colgate dabbed over it and left to dry over night may just do the trick (strange but true) and if all else fails: grow a full on beard ( mainly because you have no time to shave) and sport a slightly eccentric looking hat! Both of which I am currently doing until I have time to drink some water and get some sleep!

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