So to bring in the New Year, I thought i would write a post about one of my favourite discoveries of 2013…Bergamot!

Now the pic that i have presented you may be a bit misleading (in the sense that this really isn’t a review of this Topman Aftershave as such) but instead I wanted to share with you all this amazing ingredient and some of the products that i have used over the past year where Bergamot is the starring role!

Firstly, it goes without saying that i love it. Its one of those smells that have been in products without me really being aware (duh!) but recently it has really come into its own, and we are seeing a lot more of it in Highstreet brands as well as higher end lines.

The Low Down…

bergamot comes from the ‘bergamot orange’ ( so there is a citrussy note to it, but its not like washing your face with a jug of lemonade!) It was used back in the day for the original ‘Eau de Cologne’ (oh no he didn’t) and most interestingly, it is responsible for the distinct flavour that is Earl Grey Tea. (who knew right???) It has a spicy/ floral tone to it with a hint of citrus. It is also prized amongst perfumiers ( apparently, i don’t actually know any off hand) for its ability to blend well with any number of aromas to create blends with a lot of depth. so in short its versatile.

Burberry Brit for Men, David Beckham Instinct Ice, Aramis Cool Blend & Davidoff Adventure Eau Fraiche all give Bergamot a starring role (amongst others) and I, for one cant wait to get my hand on some samples to trial!

Now, Having worked solidly over Christmas, i seem to have missed the fact that Topman have released a couple of Grooming ranges, and i was pleased to see that Bergamot was featured. I have to say i have only used the fragrance a couple of times, nut i do like the afterscent. It is a bit heavy on the alcoholic base to start off with but after 30 seconds the fragrance settles and you get this manly yet modern scent that does linger well. It rocks onto your shelves at £10 and for that it is a good gym bag/ Man Bag staple and as i said if you forgive it the first 30 seconds i think you will be pleased with the overall fragrance.

Now, are you ever in a discussion with the better half about handsoap?? ( probably not, and ever so tenuous a link, but hey, a man’s gotta do, right?) palmolive do an amazing hand soap for your bathroom (or kitchen, I’m Not fussy) which is bothe masculine and feminine and is a good excuse not to have all communal soaps smelling of roses! Its their Bergamot and Verbana liquid hand soap (£1.99 for 250mls in superdrug) and appareently they do a shower gel too!

If you are looking for the pure goodness of Bergamot then head to your local Holland and Barrett shop or to and pick up their Bergamot pure essential oil (currently £4.56 for 10ml) and you can use this in the bath or for vaporisation (or mix 5 drops with 10ml of carrier oil and your other half can treat you to that aromatherapy back rub they’ve been promising you for decades!)

In my next post I am going to introduce you to a bergamot based product that was given to me to test by a Somerset based company called Opulentia Organics (@opulentiauk) This is a real treat of a product and I have been reaping the benefits of it over the festive season, so… keep half an eye out for that post coming in the next few days and meanwhile why not try some bergamot products for yourself.

Enjoy TIB

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