Thatisbeyond…empties blog (second attempt)

Hi guys, this is my empties blog draft 2 (As I just lost the entire thing! I’m a real happy chappie right now!)

So let’s start with the original source – picked by you pink grapefruit shower gel. I picked this up for £1 from Asda. I chose it mainly because it was less potent than the others in the original source range and because it was on offer! (For some reason I imagine smelling if a tube of toothpaste or a shot of limoncello with the others! This was a little more subtle.) At first I liked it, but that wore off after a week, it is a fresh fragrance and it does wake you up a bit in the morning shower, but for me it didn’t work as fragrance, it became a bit bizarre. It’s not a bad product but it’s just not for me. It is however a natural fragrance, vegan, tested on humans recycled and made in Britain (phew!) and to deliver all that for a pound has got to be commended.

Second is the Lush BB seaweed fresh face mask. The clue is in the title, it’s made of fresh ingredients and therefore needs to be kept fresh ( in your fridge is a good place to start!) This has revolutionised the quality of my shave. Once a week (normally in a Sunday, because that is how I roll!) I slather this on my face and let it do it’s magic. It softens the skin and really nourishes it, perfect for a preshave and it helps counter the damage that you are about to inflict on your skin with a sharp blade! It contains seaweed (duh!), honey, aloe Vera and…(gentlemen please ensure you are sitting comfortably) rose petals!!!! I hate the smell if roses, and I would normally steer clear of anything containing them, but I have to say that you have to trust me, this stuff is amazing (and let’s face it, we are all men with big enough balls to wear a rose face mask!) again this product is preservative free, 100% natural, and fighting against animal testing. TOP TIP ALERT lush also offer a deal where you bring back 5 clean full size, pots or tubes and you can get a free fresh face mask.

l’oreal skin perfection purifying miscellar solution – a handy product that I decant into a travel bottle and carry around with me. It’s really good for getting grease and dirt from the skin. (If you are London based I challenge you to do one tube journey and then use this, you will see how much grime you have gained!) if they lost the pink packaging, I really think this would sell as a mens toner, it’s inoffensive and a good product, but a guy has gotta be a little brave to pick it up from the shelf. I bought it on offer, and it quite often is, so pick it up when it’s cheap.

The simple vital vitamin foaming cleanser, is simply (did you see what I did there?) my favourite cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling clean, you need to use a moisturiser after it as it is quite drying, but it is kind to the skin and I always have a spare on standby, just in case. A full review from an earlier blog post is here:
I literally have not found such an effective product, I ALWAYS return to simple.

Last but not least is the Argan Oil hydrating hair mask. Now I don’t know about you, but for me a hair mask is a bit much – I get bored and I don’t have all that much hair anyway, so when I picked this up, it was more as an intensive conditioner, and that is exactly what this product is perfect for, you scoop a little out of the tub apply it to the roots and then wash it out as you would a normal conditioner. It leaves your hair conditioned and shiny and it’s super cheap. (I also on the whole like the packaging, with its green and brown tub there is no pink in sight!)

So a mixed bag here, but it just goes to show, that just because a company markets themselves in a certain way, does not mean that the products are unsuitable for men. Be brave, head into Lush and pick up the rose petal face mask, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Original source pink grapefruit shower gel 250ml £2.30

BB seaweed fresh face mask 75g £5.95

L’oreal skin perfection 3 in 1 purifying miscellar solution 200ml £4.99 ( currently £3.32)

Simple Vital. Vitamin foaming cleanser 150ml £4.00

Argan oil hydrating hair mask 220ml £1

Enjoy TIB

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