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Opulentia Organics – Bergamot and Patchouli Body Oil

I was contacted by OO, to see if there was something from their range that I might like to try*. Looking at their range online (, I was struck by this product and also several others that just seemed to be a little different from your average product. Finally I settled on the bergamot and patchouli uplifting and spicy body oil:

1. Firstly because I like bergamot (if you haven’t already check out my previous blog post: @Thatisbeyond: Take a look at all things bergamot #bbloggers.),

2. Secondly because I have never used a body oil (I am not a greased lothario from a Calvin Klein commercial) and

3. Thirdly I absolutely hate it when you use a body cream and then you bedsheets get all slidey (it’s not just me is it?)

So for these three reasons I just knew that this had to be the product that I had to try. When the post arrived and I opened the packaging, inside was a kind of organza bag (a bit too girly for my taste) and inside it I was relieved to see this metal bottle (that would look great with the rest of my grooming supplies). I know that packaging is just packaging, but this is a classy product and that’s the packaging to boot.

The product itself smells really good but beyond that it doesn’t disappoint on its claims that it really sinks in to the skin. This does not leave your skin oily (far from it, it soaks in within 30 seconds). Of course I had to test this point properly so I took a shower, towelled off and then used 3 pumps (to cover full body) and counted to 30 I then dressed for an afternoon at work in a white T shirt and underwear. There was no marks or oily feeling transferred to my clothes and even after lugging boxes around, there was no oily residue so for me that is a thumbs up (and a one up on a body cream). I should note that I found it less effective on my face as it didn’t sink in quite so well, but it is after all a body oil (the clue is in the name TIB).

It is really softening to the skin and leaves you feeling … Hydrated is closest way I can describe it, for me this has become a replacement for a body moisturiser and I will be getting some more in the future.

It’s easy to use, convenient, and a good looking product for men and women, and I can heartily recommend this one.
It’s £16.99 for 100mls but I haven’t put a dent in it yet and I have been using this every other day for 4 weeks.

I also wanted to add that this is a Somerset based company, its hand blended and not tested on animals, so three great reasons to support them and Britain.

I thoroughly recommend this product and if you wanna try something new then go to the Opulentia Organics website and have a little look at what they have to offer.

*whilst I did receive the product for free, this is not a sponsored blog and I have received no payment for this review.

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