Thatisbeyond suggests loving yourself this valentines day!

Whatever your relationship status, don’t forget that valentines day is the day of love – and trust me when I say that it’s worth spending (if only a little) time and money on yourself, because whatever your intentions for valentines (and let’s keep it clean here gents!) if you’re looking and feeling good, that’s exactly how your date/ wife/ random that you meet is gonna feel.

So from me to you this valentines day, here are a few tips and tricks I would suggest to make sure you get everything you want this “Love Day”!

So let’s get down to it (so to speak!)

Be well Trimmed!
Any current or prospective partner (whether for a date or intimacy) is gonna want to see that you have made an effort. So take a few minutes to have a decent shave (and not your usual scrape of the face as you are shooting out of the door for work! Make sure you do a good job of it, it shows you take pride in your appearance.
If you you have an established beard (I am by no means saying shave it all off) but again show that you have made an effort – make sure it’s cleanly shaped and well conditioned. Get rid of the scraggly bits by giving it a little trim.
Of course you can do this all yourself at home, but if you fancy it, treat yourself to a professional doing it instead.
And on the subject of trimming, whatever your desired aesthetic in the underwear region (each to their own,as they say) make sure that you have given yourself the best opportunity:

– the minutes you spend on preparation, could easily pay off in hours of rewards!

Dress To Impress!
Now I am no fashion expert, but I would suggest you find a happy middle ground between you feeling comfortable (helps keep the nerves at bay) and making an effort (trackie b’s just ain’t gonna cut it!)
I don’t think that there is any need to wear a tie (unless you have picked a top notch restaurant) for most, the discomfort will outweigh the effort!
As with life make sure everything fits you well – make the most of what you have got, and again you will feel more confident ( if reading ‘the game’ taught me nothing else, it taught me to be confident in what I have.)
Just in case… Where decent underwear. That doesn’t mean it has to be branded or expensive, wear what your comfortable in (and what will enhance your manhood) for me this is aussiebum’s

But again it’s what works for you

– repay the effort that has been made for you by reciprocating that effort.

Wear Good Shoes!
It is a well documented fact that women are very judgemental about a man’s shoes (rightly or wrongly) don’t let that be the reason that you miss out this valentines day!

Give Your Skin A Fighting Chance!
Now is the time to start downing the old H2O. In a couple of days you can really notice the difference. Get some sleep! (An oldie but a goodie) again the benefits this will give your skin are only rivalled by drinking lots of water. Lay off the alcohol (it saves you some cash for the big day and will reduce the negative effects on your skin) also don’t drink too much on the date, you’ll act like an idiot (not a great impression to make) and in the event of some valentines Eve/ the morning after action – you might not be as up for it as you intended. (enough said)
Continue your standard skincare routine don’t change products to something you haven’t tried (it always ends in disaster). If I was gonna add anything to my normal routine, I might just add a face mask the night before but other than that keep it the same, take care of yourself.

– it’s time to suck up the male pride and spend a little time, just you, a face mask, and an early night (with a glass of water on the nightstand)!!!

Wear some! Not on shaved skin, it’s bad for your skin, but a tad behind the ears and on your wrists.

– a friend of mine said that he wears an old school fragrance on a first date, something that will remind the date of the guys that they dated at school, he said it’s usually a good talking point because they will recognise it instantly!

What’s The Right Gift?
When you’re in a relationship ( however broadly the term is used) underwear is acceptable, but make sure it’s about what they will feel good in, and not just what turns YOU on (your shy retiring gf might not want a pair of sequined nipple tassels however attractive you find Dita Von Tease!)
Think thoughtful, red roses and posh chocolates are nice, but require zero thought and very little imagination! I’m a married old codger, so for me, I like to get my wife a piece of furniture she’d like for the house or tickets for another date night in the future. Mostly she just wants quality time to spend with me, that time doesn’t need to be on February the 14th, but a card is definitely required.

-underwear is acceptable, but make sure it’s about what they will feel good in not what turns YOU on!

And my final tip for you, is one passed on to me by the head of my acting course!

Whether you are a guy or a girl, dating a guy or a girl, if you want to end up in bed, put the time into making the bed! No one wants to be intimate in a bed that has lumpy bumpies in it, and if you can’t take 30 seconds to neaten it up why are they gonna give you 30 mins + (here’s hoping!) of their time.

Moral of the story… Make your freaking bed!

Have fun


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