That is beyond… The basics of skincare for the modern man!

Good morning,

And welcome to the basics of good skincare. This blog isn’t going to look (too specifically) at brands of products, but instead a few simple steps to start you daily skincare routine off in the right way. (Depending on how quick you shower, this is a realistic 15 minute routine.)

Firstly shower! Most of your skincare can be done in the shower so make sure you keep your products to hand.

The hot water from the shower will have opened up the pores a little, so keep your head out of the water stream whilst you use a cleanser. (People make the same mistake with shower gels too! Step out of the water stream to apply the product, or you are literally paying to wash it down the sink!) A cleanser does exactly what it says on the tin, it cleans! So whilst the pores are open, it will remove the gunk from them and leave you looking fresh faced. There are loads on the market from creams to gels to foams, and they are at different price ranges. I tend to use the ‘simple’ foaming cleanser (which I have reviewed in the link below! #pluggingit!)


To take the dead skin off, exfoliation is vital. Now your skin type is important to consider (branding is not always an indication of whether it will be suitable for your skin) some will be too astringent and others won’t. Neutrogena is a good example, their grapefruit exfoliant is far too harsh for my skin, but much of their other products are fine. Lush staff have a great product knowledge so if you are unsure start there and see what they have to offer.
Whichever you choose gentle massage the product in small circular motions into the skin, and after a minute or two rinse off! Simple!

This is so important for your skin, whatever products you use, some of the natural moisture will have been removed from the skin (hence it needs to be replenished) even if you have oily skin, you CANNOT skip this step! There are all different moisturisers on the market, I like one that is not too heavy on the skin so I am currently using one by GROOMED. It is a light cream that does a good job but never leaves the skin feeling greasy! (It also has SPF 15 in it) but there are loads to suit all skin types so have a look and see what suits you.
I used to think that my greasy skin didn’t need moisturiser as it would make it even greasier, but the soap I was using was drying my skin out and then my skin and then my body would make more oil to lubricate it #viciouscircle. So by moisturising well, you control the oil levels keeping you skin looking pristine.

Don’t forget your body skin either! There are great products for nourishing the thicker skin on your body.

Have a look at my Opulentia Organics
Review here:

So it’s as simple as that, why not give it a go? Any questions you have, why not tweet me @thatisbeyond and I will do my best to answer them.


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