That is beyond…a little review!

That is beyond … a little review!

I don’t think there is anyone out there (interested in grooming) who has not heard of Molton Brown.

They are certainly not the cheapest of brands, but they are a brand that delivers on quality. Essentially they are a posh smellies company and what they do do, they do well.

As a treat I visited the Covent Garden store after Christmas and bought a gift set (especially for men) that had a massive 40% off (I was quids in) I will do a full run down of the products in another post, but it basically had 5 products in different scents in sample size ( just want to clear up what I mean by that! Not minis, and not full size, medium sized if you will!!!) amongst the items was this 100ml body wash in ‘black peppercorn’. I have to be honest and say that I would not have normally picked up this scent. But I have to say I am pleasantly surprised – it has something inherently masculine about it, but there is a spicyness and a warmth running through it, so it’s not over the top or heavily fragranced on the skin. This is a body wash and probably one should use it for that purpose! But I find that it bubbles up nicely in a bath (perhaps the staying power of the bubbles or longevity of them is not the strongest!) but I think molton brown’s products are for luxuriating in, and hence me using it as bubble bath!

In the sale, this was £30 for the five products, so …(mental maths occurring!) £6 for 100mls not so bad!
The full size 300ml is £18… Would I buy it at that price… Probably not (don’t get me wrong, I like it but that’s a lot of wonga!) however I must say that this is one fragrance of many… I would pay for the “silver birch” singularly the best fragrance that I have ever smelt! (And if anyone from molton brown reads this… Hand cream in silver birch please)

In short you will pay for the quality, but quality it will be, the rest of this gift box will be reviewed very soon, so keep those eyes peeled:

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And to check out my previous review of the Molton Brown sports range…

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