Thatisbeyond…An A 2 Z of Man Moisturisers!

Thatisbeyond… An A 2 Z of Man Moisturisers!

We all know, that even if you do no other grooming whatsoever, every Man (or woman for that matter) should not be leaving the house without slapping on a decent moisturiser. It really is a simple as that.
There are thousands on the market and all are slightly different – so here is my guide to keeping moisturised.

B – Bath and Bodyworks – pocketbac
Not technically a moisturiser, but in terms of taking care of your skin, I don’t leave home without a little bottle of this scented and bacterial hand gel. You can get all sorts of scents from marshmallow to fresh sparkling snow, garden herbs to pumpkin cupcake! The one pictured is from the Rome collection in ‘Lime’. And it smells exactly like it says … Limey! These are not available in the UK so I have to buy them from a third party on eBay! Around the £2 mark for 29 mls. These kill the germs whilst smelling nice, and then you can use a good hand moisturiser so that they don’t get dried out (sorted!)

My other B is … bulldog original moisturiser. This is one I got fairly recently and It is on my review list! I still need some more time to test before I commit to writing a full review but I will say it’s got a nice lemony scent and in terms of consistency is, medium – it’s not too heavy and I would say so far a good body moisturiser for normal skin. This is a brand I need to get to know a bit better! £6.99 for 100ml

C – Clinique M Lotion. New to my collection it is a thin consistency and is gonna be good for normal to dry skin (as it suggests on the package!) it is a yellowy colour and not at all oily.not heavily scented it feels like this is getting to work straight away. This is a higher end product and you can feel the quality of it upon application of the product.
£23 for 100ml

G – Groomed (not pictured, as I am in the middle of packing my house for moving, and I can’t find it 🙂 ) this is my everyday go to and it is medium consistency, it does the job and was a bargain at £2.00!

H – Henri Lloyd marine extracts trio. I love all of these products! They were a Christmas gift from my good wife and I couldn’t be happier! The trio consists of ocean mineral: hand protection SPF 6, sun defence cream SPF 30, & moisturiser in SPF 15. These are formulated to include the all important SPF and are extremely nourishing. Scented,but not heavily so, I use all of these in equal measure, they are a staple item.
£19.30 (travel kit 3 x 30ml)

N – Nivea for men rehydrating moisturiser. This is a high street staple and is particularly good for dry skin days. It’s consistency is thinner than other products, and less oily than others. For every day use this is not for me, but for days when I am feeling very dry, this has been my go to moisturiser.
£3.47 for 75ml (on offer from £6.99)

O – Opulentia Organics. I have reviewed the bergamot and patchouli oil in depth – and as a moisturising body oil, I am yet to find better.

Full review:

I should also add that I will be purchasing one of the other fragrances next, to see how it compares.
£16.99 for 100ml

Also a full review will be coming of fantastic mr footbalm another product from opulentia organics that is a little different to other products that are on the market. The best way the describe it is a lip balm for your feet! I am in the initial trial stages but I have to say so far so good!

S – soap and glory “A mans got to dew” I love the whimsy of their mens range! It is on the heavier consistency range and is too oily feeling for me to use as an every day, but I love the scent and has been good on chapped winter skin. For me this is the epitome of a winter moisturiser. This was part of a Christmas gift set costing £16 (I got it in the sale for £8) and it’s 50ml.

S – is also for Simple soothing eye balm.
This is a really light, yet hard working moisturiser for that really sensitive panda eye area! It is not at all greasy and it lasts for an eternity! I use it daily and it really takes care of those sensitive areas. £2.66 at (normally £3.99)

So there you go, moisturisers those are the ones I’ve got! Let me know what else I should’ve trying if you have any suggestions!


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