That is beyond…What I have been waiting to receive!

That is beyond… What I have been waiting to receive!

Last week I placed a cheeky little order. It was partly that I had heard so much about the king of shaves hyperglide and thought I had better get in on the action, and partly that I wanted to get a few more face masks as my skin is going through a lot at the moment!!!!

So let’s get right down to it…
The first impressions!

There has been no product more talked about by male grooming bloggers (except perhaps hairbond) and having received this product I can see why; it’s sleek design (a sort of a shape) is a step away from the chrome sturdier looking design (that seems to be the norm amongst shaving companies) the hyperglide feels more rubber based and is ergonomic. (The imagine the rubber formula will all give it better grip when wet.) Five narrow blades and a razor that is inherently designed around the natural bend of the materials that it is made from. I can’t rightly talk about the quality of the shave as I haven’t used it yet and I like to test a product like this thoroughly! At £9.99 it seems reasonable for the technology and I am really excited to get using it really soon!

I also repurchased the montagne jeunesse for men set of 6 face masks ( 1 blackhead blitzer, 2 deep pore cleansing masque, 1 detox and de grease masque, and 2 Dead Sea mud tired skin reviving masque. This covers every base for me, however my skin is feeling there is something in there to help it out. The masques retail at about £1.30 each but this set of six is just £5.00! Particularly good is the reviving clay masque which smells of orange and is quite astringent to the skin ( when clogged up by grimy London smog, your skin needs a good old clean, and this does the job!)

Lastly I bought another new product from the men u range; the detox deep clean clay mask. I think that the men u range is so on trend, it’s convenient, simple and effective products at a reasonable price. The tubes are tiny but that is because you don’t have to use too much of a quality product! This little tube really packs a punch with witch hazel to help clear up the skin. I am really into this brand and I can’t wait to. Try this product out. It’s £4 for 15ml but that is 4 uses so again it is reasonably priced.

So that was it, £19 and 8 products bought. Soon I will be trying them all out so reviews will follow soon but until then


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