That is beyond… Being BOLD (not bald)!

Believe it or not, there are a few advantages to being a bigger framed guy. There are definitely some negatives too, but mostly there are lots of reasons to celebrate all of the man that you are.

It took me a long time to recognise this (it’s not always easy) but over the years it have learned to live in my own skin and really get to like being me! I get a lot of castings for rugby fans and football hooligans! (The true irony is that I have only ever watched one football match and played in one rugby game – the PE teacher soon learnt I cannot catch!!!) but these are fun parts to play and my mates in the business always say that they wished they could get put up for them!

Other than this specialist area though, there are everyday things that I can get away with that maybe others can’t! I can wear a significant piece of chunky knit wear, and not look like I have been wrapped in bubble wrap for example! My ample frame just wears heavy fabrics well. I can make the most of crazy prints, layer them up and somehow still not look too quirky -still a but quirky – but not a complete loon! I can wear fitted trousers and have enough of me to fill them out (so to speak) the proportion of my body, just fits with these fashion items and keeps me… Well, in proportion! I cannot however, wear skinny jeans, I do wear them, but I really shouldn’t. They do not, and will not, ever suit me!

Us larger guys can get away with anything that lengthens us! Rigger boots on me do not give the impression I am heading to a building sight (and in fact give me an extra inch or two to my 6”2 frame) but also, I can get away with a 50s style quiff with no issues what so ever, in fact it’s slimming on me because it adds to my height and lengthens the shape of my face.

Now I don’t want you to think that. Am some sycophantic fat guy, that’s not my intention. But sometimes it is good to remember that there are some positives in life (even if in that moment you can’t remember them.)

Over the years I have had a number of hairstyles (it’s practically what I am known for!) some of these were undoubtedly mistakes (like for example when I used peroxide to turn my hair white and. Proceeded to get my hair braided into cane rows – this was not a good look for me personally – for some yes but not for me!) but mostly I enjoy that I can get away with a lot of different styles. Faux hawk, bowl cut, ski slope, 50’s quiff, full on shave, short back and sides, centre parting, side parting, front sweep, Afro, blonde, red, blue and of course cane rows. All of these I have had as my hairstyle at one time or another, and I have to say that they all kinda suited me (I even got positive comments about the cane rows) because there is something to be said for bigger guys getting away with bolder choices.
So why not make a bolder choice, go to a quality barber (many of whom follow me on twitter @thatisbeyond) and then you know that you bold choice is in the hands of a professional. They are not gonna give you a cut that won’t suit you and yet they will factor in your opinion and your personal aesthetic. I guess my final note on this point is that I never really understood why women spent so much getting their hair chopped off! It seemed to me a false economy. But I have to say nowadays I totally get it. A quality barber is an artist and will treat your bonce with the care and personality that it deserves. Every head is unique, it is no longer a case of picking a number 3 from a board! Trust in your quality barber and they will make your bold choice a reality, without it being a bald choice. ( unless your bold choice is a bald choice!)


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