That is beyond…The perils of a button down shirt!

Having recently moved jobs, I now spend 40 hours a week (dragged kicking and screaming) into a button down. Now, I know that this is the case for most people (so I can’t complain too much) but for me this has been a real change with its own unique issues.

Issue number 1 – fit! Not being in a position to pay for the tailoring of shirts, I am left with the choice of high street stores and their selection of shirts. This is not an easy task – let’s consider first that the current fashion is for slim fit shirts. This seems to be fine for those with a narrower frame, but unfortunately with broad shoulders and a 16 stone frame, it’s another fashion that I have had (reluctantly) to pass up.

Issue number 2 – sizing! On the high street, it is very common tho buy a shirt by neck size. With a 17.5 inch neck this usually means that there is enough fabric on in that shirt to wrap around me twice! I don’t think that I am abnormal shape or size ( I mean we are all different but I’m not THAT unusual!) equally European companies don’t offer a size that will go around me! This all compounds to make a fairly simple task of buying a work shirt -all the more difficult!

Issue number 3 – spots! (Here we go again) yes the problem that I get is a “spot-line” around the collar of the shirts. I work ten hour shifts & move around a lot as part of my work. The result of this is a build up around the collar line and this can be quite sore and uncomfortable. How I do I try to fix this? I use the ‘lush tea tree toner’ and try and clear the area of build up a couple of times a day ( this is also good for clearing up any build up on the hairline).

So…Where to go to get these button down shirts?

Here are some of my top picks that take into account size and fit.

Black short sleeves formal shirt (regular fit) from Asda @ £6.00,default,pd.html

Salcombe Classic Nevis shirt from Jack Wills @ £49.50
(This has been on my wish list for a while and apparently the fit is excellent, but I have to say I haven’t had a chance to try it on yet. My mates on a similar position though swear by them)

Plain chambray shirt with contrasting collar from Zara men @ £29.99
(Zara is my top high street choice for a good fitting work/ going out wear, they offer good quality at a reasonable price)

With shirts fit is everything, unless you are familiar with a brands sizing I would never recommend buying online – it’s just too much hassle to be honest! There are slim fit shirt ranges out there which will look great on a more slender figure, and if that is your bag, why not go for it, but if not don’t panic… There IS great fit and style available for a reasonable price.


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