That is beyond… another problem solved!

That is beyond… another problem solved!

Everyone has heard of Clinique. They are a household name in the world of skincare. I have to say, that whilst I am familiar with their products, until recently I had not used any of them myself! (I know, shock horror right?!) So I decided to treat myself to one of their men’s skincare sets and have a delve into what all the fuss was about! The giftset that I bought consisted of three products – including a full size moisturiser, but better than that a tiny little bottle full of magic.

Let me introduce The Clinique Skin supplies for men – Scruffing Lotion.

This travel size bottle that Featured in the giftset is a staple for my work manbag. I have spoken at length before about the hazards of heating and air-con on the skin, but I find this product is a great solution to the problem. Advertised with the following description:

Unclogs pores, improves shave.

I can attest to its success in both of these areas. Firstly, the smoggy London air can really build up in the pores, and leave your skin prone to breakouts (and not only that – it can feel almost like a film encasing your face) This breaks through that and (non astringently) Cleanses the skin of impurities. The liquid itself is a peachy coloured (we are all man enough, right) concoction that is, well… Classy. (Let’s just say it’s in a different realm to those acidic blue alternatives we often used as an awkward teen!)
With a half-beard as I am currently sporting (due to the lack of a mirror in my new bathroom!) it also has a sort of softening effect on the course hairs, which can only become a plus when shaving!

Clinique is not cheap – but in this case I have to say that this is a case of the quality of the product outweighing the cost! It’s certainly good enough for me to want to explore much more of the range.

What I love about the grooming marketplace right now, is that brands are really experimenting with new products whose appeal is to men. It’s a really exciting time for the grooming market, both from new start up companies, and from tried and tested ones. And this product is one of the good ones!

Buy it now – £16 from John Lewis×56076&tmad=c&tmcampid=73

Another skincare problem solved!


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